Campus Safety


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Committed to the Safety of Our Campus Community

Florida Career College is committed to the safety of its students, staff, and faculty so that everyone can thrive and succeed in a safe environment focused on learning. Which means that FCC is committed to maintaining campuses that are free of criminal activities and alcohol & drug abuse.

As part of the FCC community, we encourage our students and staff to take personal responsibility for themselves, watch out for each other, and report any suspicious activity. Being a responsible member of the campus community not only helps an individual succeed, but it helps enhance everyone’s quality of life on campus.

First, Watch Out For Yourself!

In any public environment, it’s important to always be alert, aware, and be conscious of your surroundings. While streetlights and security measures help keep people safe, here are some other tips for keeping yourself protected:


  • Always keep your car locked.
  • Hide any valuable items, such as phones, jewelry, and even textbooks.
  • Be especially careful walking to and from your car at night- go with a buddy if you can and walk in well-lit areas. Avoid deserted and dark areas.
  • Always keep your belongings with you- don’t leave them unattended in lounge areas, classrooms, or labs. Only you are responsible for your own property.
  • If you notice something suspicious or feel threatened, immediately notify campus staff and/or call 911.
  • Don’t flaunt your cash or valuables; it’s best to only bring what’s necessary to campus.
  • Walk confidently and with a purpose.
  • Listen to your intuition- if you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, then it’s best to get out of it immediately.
  • Only carry what you can handle, don’t try to overburden yourself with books and school supplies.
  • Always pay attention to what’s going on around you.
  • Keep your cell phone on you, charged and accessible.
  • Don’t be alone with a person you don’t know.
  • When listening to music, don’t have headphones on or both earbuds in when walking by yourself.

What You Need to Know!

FCC Maintains a Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

Florida Career College works to foster an educational environment committed to learning and career success, which means that it prohibits drugs or alcohol on its campuses. Any violation of this prohibition may result in disciplinary action that could include being dismissed from school or termination.

No Weapons Allowed

To maintain the safety and security of FCC students and staff, possessing a weapon on campus of any kind is prohibited- whether you have a permit to carry it or not- and can also result in being dismissed or termination.

See Something Wrong? Report It!

If a student or campus employee witnesses any type of criminal activity being committed on a FCC campus, including adjoining streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, please notify the campus Executive Director, who is the Campus Security Authority (CSA), immediately. If the campus Executive Director or Director of Education are not available, then notify any FCC management personnel.

Student Conduct

Every student enrolled at FCC is expected to follow a code of conduct which includes being respectful of fellow students’ ideas, values, and property. Disruptive behavior such as cheating, fighting, stealing, harassment, and using profanity is unacceptable and could also lead to being dismissed from FCC, especially when other students/staff are feeling threatened or it is impeding their own success. Personal cell phone use is not allowed during class or lab sessions and should be minimal while at FCC.