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  • Florida Career College is currently not enrolling students at this time into any program.

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The decision to attend college is personal, one that is often based on personal factors and goals that differ for everyone. One of these goals often stands out above the rest, however: to earn a future you can be proud of and perhaps establish yourself within a career field you love.

At Florida Career College (FCC), we exist to help make this particular goal a reality. And, we do it by offering career training programs that are efficient, focused, and which teach students the skills they need to successfully join the workforce within a number of fields.

Then, why might you wish to enroll in FCC when other schools – some which are more traditional two- and four-year colleges – may suggest they may lead you down a similar path? For starters, FCC is just different. As a “vocational” or career college, a number of factors set us apart.

Below are what we feel are the top 10 reasons for students to enroll in our school:

1. FCC Offers Sought-After Career Options

Florida Career College has established career training programs based on the professional employment needs and opportunities that exist in and around its 12 local campus communities. Based on our knowledge of local market demands, FCC has developed programs that help students earn the education and skills required to benefit from these opportunities.

Currently, FCC offers programs in healthcare (Medical Assistant Technician, Dental Assistant, Medical Front Office Billing, Pharmacy Technician, Patient Care Technician, and Health Services Administration), in the trades (Automotive Technician and Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning, or HVAC), and business and IT (Business Office Administration, Computer Network Technician, and Information Technology).

2. Our Curriculum is Established Around What Employers are Looking For

Throughout the programs we offer at Florida Career College, we base our curriculum on helping students establish the skills employers are specifically looking for when filling open, entry-level positions. As such, all courses students take within a program are directly related to their field of interest. There are no unrelated “filler” courses to take. Our instructors focus on helping students gain efficiencies within specific tasks and duties that will make them successful within their new career fields. By the time they graduate, it’s our goal that all students are career-ready with the skills and experience local employers seek.

3. FCC Provides Hands-On Training & Real-World Experience

At FCC, we don’t require students to take generic, non-career-specific coursework and lectures. Our classes provide a more practical and hands-on education experience that’s meant to directly train students for a specific career path. Every day, FCC students learn and practice the specific sets of skills employers are looking for, whether they work in healthcare, business, IT, or the trades. In addition, FCC offers externship programs within many of our programs, allowing students to gain real-world experience with a potential local employer.

4. FCC Instructors Boast Real-World Expertise

Florida Career College instructors have been there, done that within their fields of expertise. Most have trained for and worked in the same positions for which they’re teaching FCC students, and they take seriously the need to competently train the next generation of professionals within their field.

5. FCC Offers Flexible Class Schedules

With work, kids, home life, and other personal obligations, FCC students lead busy lives. That’s why Florida Career College strives to accommodate their schedules by providing weekday and evening courses through a hybrid classroom and training format for our vocational and trade students. What is hybrid? It is a format where students split between learning and studying online from the comfort of their homes, and gaining hands-on experience twice each week through on-campus lab sessions. In other words, we offer a convenient way to receive career training for most busy schedules!

6. Financial Aid is Available for Those Who Qualify

If you truly have a desire to improve your education and career by enrolling in Florida Career College, don’t let financial hurdles stop you from pursuing one of our career training programs. As an accredited school, FCC offers a number of financial ad options for those students who qualify. How do you know if you qualify? Your FCC representative – the person who walks you through our admissions process – will connect you with someone on our financial aid team. From loans, grants and scholarships, this person will walk you through your options. In addition if you’re a veteran, a member of the active-duty military or reserves, or are one of their spouses or dependents, you may qualify for additional financial assistance. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

7. You May Graduate from FCC in as Little as 10 Months

That’s right. Nearly all of the programs offered at FCC can be completed in as few as 10 months. Since new classes begin monthly, this means you can enroll into a program; learn hands-on, career-based skills; graduate; and then earn a new career … all within a year’s time!

8. We Help FCC Students Find Careers

The services we offer students at FCC don’t end just because you’ve graduated. Our Career Services team is persistently working to help graduates find new careers within their fields. This includes helping students with resumes, preparing them for interviews, and working with students to identify local career opportunities within their field. Our Career Services team’s effectiveness comes from relationships it maintains with local employers, many of whom trust FCC to train career-ready graduates that may fill open their open positions within their businesses and clinics.

9. No High School Diploma? We Can Help You Prepare for a Successful Career

You read that correctly. If you didn’t graduated from high school, don’t let that stop you from pursuing a rewarding new career. You still have educational options at FCC. Ask us how this works!

10. FCC Leadership & Faculty Believe in Second Chances

At Florida Career College, our students come from all walks of life – from various backgrounds, age groups, achievements, and even nationalities. Some are just beginning their adult lives and careers, while others are striving to recover from mistakes made along the way. Regardless of who they are or where they come from, FCC believes they all deserve a chance – or a second or third chance, if that’s the case – to improve their lives through education and career training. Our differences make us stronger, and we strive to be as strong as we can be.

If you have a desire to improve yourself and your future through education and hands-on career training, we want to meet you. Call us, fill out our online contact form, or stop by one of our campuses to learn more.