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10 Reasons why you didn’t get the second call back interview.

10 Reasons why you didn’t get the second call back interview. - Florida Career College

1. Arriving late. Make sure to look-up the destination of where your interview is being held, and then add an extra hour to your arrival time. The earlier you arrive, the less anxious and nervous you will be during your interview. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

2.  Low Enthusiasm, Low Energy, Not Enough Get-up-and-go. Yes, definitely important to show interest and pep. Make sure you are well-rested, and in high spirits, or fake it by drinking a caffeinated beverage.

3.Dressing unprofessionally, or sloppy. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your interview outfit, but make sure you look clean and polish. The two types of business dress codes are: Professional Dress and Business Casual.

  • Professional Dress. For women, this means a business suit or pants suit, or dress and jacket. For men, professional dress means a business suit or a blazer, dress pants and a tie.
  • Business Casual.For women, this means a shirt with a collar and/or a sweater, khakis or dress pants or moderate length dress or skirt (knee-length or longer) and nice shoes.  For men, business casual is a polo shirt or shirt with a collar and/or sweater, khakis or dress pants and dress shoes. No tie is required.

4.  No eye contact, Poor Body Language (ex. slouching, too stiff, etc.)It’s easy to slouch when you are nervous, but it will make you look unprepared and uninterested.

  •  Don’t stare blankly. Don’t rub or touch your nose. Don’t cross your legs and shake one nervously.
  • Do establish a comfortable amount of personal space between you and the interviewer. Invading personal space (anything more than 20 inches) could make the interviewer feel uncomfortable. Do sit up straight, and keep an interested expression on your face, while occasionally nodding.

5.  Talking too much, or being too quiet. If, you talk too much it shows you have no respect for the person interviewing you. If, you talk too little it shows you lack communication skills, and does not provide the interviewer any information about your qualifications.

6.  Lack of confidence. Too many vague answers. Too many Umms.  There is a lot of strong competition out there, and improvised responses will automatically disqualify you from the second call back. Also, the interviewer will take your lack of confidence as a potential red flag that you may not be able to handle the job.

7.  You spoke poorly about your previous boss, employer, co-workers, etc.  Even if you had a bad experience with you previous employer, co-workers, boss, etc., make sure to keep this information to yourself.  Instead, mention a positive experience that you had on your last job, or of a skill that you were able to learn. Otherwise, you will appear as negative and confrontational. The key is to stay Positive.

8.  You don’t give strong examples or support of your qualifications, or job experience.Prepare a short 30 second pitch about your experience and career goals, for when you are asked that dreadful question “tell me about yourself”. Make sure to rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or in front of a friend. The more natural you appear the better your chances for landing that second call back.

9.  Don’t act overfriendly, or make yourself at home. Don’t put your feet up. Don’t smoke. Don’t eat food during your interview, or while you are waiting to be interviewed. Make sure you eat your breakfast or lunch before or after the interview.

10. You didn’t clean up your web presence, ex. Facebook, twitter, etc. Regardless of how careful you are it is always a good idea to set your Facebook page to private or limited profile. Keep in mind, that what you or your friends post on your Facebook wall reflects your judgment and professionalism. If, your Facebook is not stellar, make sure you have a professional profile in LinkedIn that highlights your affiliations, skills and qualifications. The more diverse you appear the greater your chances for landing the second call back interview.

Tell us: What are your favorite interview tips for landing a second call back? What advice would you give someone?

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