10 Tips to Help You Study

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    May 07, 2019

    As you start your journey towards a new career, you will quickly find yourself in need of some good study tips to help you get through the quizzes, tests, and exams you face. Preparing yourself now and developing good study habits will help you perform well and give you the confidence you need to pass.

    Florida Career College is committed to helping students be the best they can in their classes and help them earn the grades they deserve. Below, you will find 10 study tips that we believe will help you be successful as you navigate through your courses.

    #1. Make Time to Study

    One of the most important study tips you can remember is to make time to study. Unfortunately, many students will put off studying until the night or morning before the test. Not only does this place undue stress on you, you will not be able to memorize and retain all the information you need.

    As you work through your courses, set aside time each day for you to sit down and study or review the material you have been presented with.

    #2. Plan Ahead of Time

    Just as making time to study is important, planning is just as important and ties in with number one. Once your instructor tells you when a test or exam is, start planning ahead of time and know what your study schedule will be.

    #3. Don’t Do It All at Once

    ALWAYS space out your studies and never try to cram it all in at once, especially if you need to study for multiple exams. You are not likely to remember the information if you try to cram last minute, so follow numbers one and two, and you will be in good shape.

    #4. Make Flashcards for Yourself

    Flashcards are invaluable and they can help you study, especially if you are on the go. Making flashcards is simple and one of the easiest ways for you to study.

    #5. Form a Study Group

    The students in your class are after the same thing you are, and they want to pass their tests and exams too. Consider forming a study group and setting up a time for you and the group to study together.

    Studying in a group is fun and can help you go over things in the course that you may have missed on your own.

    #6. Find a Study Space

    Studying at home is not always as convenient or easy as you may think – in fact, it can be distracting. If you do find that studying at home is distracting, find a place where you can study such as the school, library, or even the park.

    #7. Take Good Notes in Class

    Never forget to take notes in class. Being able to write down the concept or information you are learning can help you understand it better. When in doubt, you can always ask your instructor for clarification.

    #8. Google is Your Friend

    When it comes to new concepts, you may feel like you do not know much about it. That is okay. Your instructor does not expect you to know everything after one lecture, but you can help yourself by searching Google and learning more about the topic or concept that you have learned.

    The act of searching for the information alone will help you retain what you learn, and you will find that you know more than you initially thought.

    #9. Sit in the Front of the Class

    The back row is not the cool row in college, and it is important that you learn as much as you can, especially about the trade of your choice. Sitting at the front of the class ensures that you can see the board, hear the instructor, and feel immersed in your studies.

    #10. Give Yourself a Self-Test

    There are many ways you can self-test yourself about the information you are required to know. Some of the best ways to do this include:

    • Asking yourself questions about what you read
    • Using an online test generator to create test questions
    • Quizzing yourself using the flashcards you made
    • Take the chapter quizzes in the book to test your knowledge

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