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12 Reasons to Become an Automotive Mechanic

Did you know qualified and trained automotive mechanics are always needed? As an automotive technician, you will be highly valued in the field for your knowledge and ability to diagnose and repair vehicles. Many people will depend on you, as they are unable to fix their vehicles themselves.

Most mechanics will work in an auto repair shop or a dealership. There are some mechanics that work on the go and are often referred to as mobile mechanics.

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1. There are millions of cars out on the road.

There are millions of cars out there on the road each and every day, which means many cars are in need of repairs. When you start to think about it, each car has a service schedule, and coupled with oil changes, it will keep you busy during your career.

2. No day is the exact same.

You will quickly find that no day is always the same. On Monday, you may be doing tire rotations all day and then on Tuesday, you may be diagnosing vehicles that come into the shop. There are no two vehicles that will have the exact same issues.

3. You make your career.

What we mean by this is that you can make your own career for yourself. For example, you can become an automotive technician and then get your ASE certifications or specialize in a specific area such as transmissions or diesel engines. Your skillset will be highly desired the more specialized you become.

4. No desk and you can freely walk around.

Sitting at a desk all day does not sound fun, does it? One of the nice things about becoming an auto mechanic is that you can move around freely and you only sit when you want to. You will never feel like you are chained to a desk in this profession.

5. You get to use your problem-solving skills.

Problem solving is a HUGE part of the job and you will find yourself diagnosing and uncovering problems all day long. Being an auto tech challenges you and requires you to use your critical thinking skills as well.

6. You can repair your own vehicle.

Now that you are trained as a mechanic, you can put your skills to use and save yourself money on your vehicle. Need an oil change? You got that covered! Heard an odd noise? You can diagnose it!

7. Your family and friends will turn to you.

You will find that many of your family and friends will turn to you when they are in need of automotive services. Why? Because they trust you that you know what you are talking about.

8. You’ll be appreciated by many.

There will always be that one individual who is not happy no matter what you do but in general, you will find that many people appreciate you and offer up their thanks to you.

9.  There is always work to do

You can often find side jobs. If you ever need to make some extra money, you can use your skillset to help those near you, including neighbors that may need some minor auto repairs. 

10. Customers will look to you for recommendations.

Customers will turn to you when they have a problem with their vehicle, and they will want you to offer your advice on the best course of action. This is where you can let your knowledge shine! You may even teach them something new too.

11. You will love the satisfaction you get. 

There is nothing quite like being able to fix something with your bare hands. And you will love the feeling of satisfaction you get knowing that you made a repair.

12. It’s your dream job.

You are likely thinking of becoming a mechanic because you love cars and guess what? If you do become an automotive technician, you can be around cars ALL day. How cool is that?

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