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3 Popular IT Careers for Computer & Network Professionals

3 Popular IT Careers for Computer & Network Professionals - Florida Career College


For those interested in a career working with computers and networks, the Information Technology (IT) field is full of opportunities. Florida Career College’s (FCC) Computer and Network Technician Program will give you the foundational skills and hands-on experience to turn your interest into a rewarding career.

Below are three common (and popular!) computer and network careers, with a brief overview of the type of work performed by each.

Computer Support Specialists

Also called technical support or “help desk,” computer support specialists troubleshoot and evaluate network problems, and perform routine scheduled maintenance. Businesses rely on their networks, so they rely on these professionals to assist them remotely by phone and/or email, or in person. Computer Support Specialists are also often tasked with training others to use new hardware, software and external electronic devices. These specialists usually require customer service, problem-solving, and listening skills.

Electronics Technician

Sometimes known as computer engineering technicians or electronics engineering technicians, electronics technicians do the daily heavy lifting of building, testing, and analyzing electronic units. Electronics technicians are tasked with reading blueprints, diagrams, schematics, and engineering instructions in order to assemble units—this requires the application of electronic theories and a thorough knowledge of components. They also often troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, maintain system logs and technical manuals, and provide customer support and education. 

Electrical Technician

Often working alongside electricians or electrical engineers, electrical technicians help maintain and repair electrical components and equipment or devices that use electricity. They are often tasked with the continued smooth running of specialty equipment, frequently using specialized diagnostic equipment to evaluate how effectively components are working. Electrical technicians are always on the lookout for potential design flaws, and assess for the proper construction and function of products. Professionals in this career will use logic, dexterity, math, observational skills, and problem-solving to identify issues and take corrective action.

The Information Technology umbrella is enormous with a variety of potential career opportunities. If any of the above careers appeal to you or if you would like to discover other opportunities that may be waiting for you in the field, consider the Computer and Network Technician Training Program at Florida Career College. The training program at FCC is designed to prepare students to enter entry-level computer and networking support careers in as few as 11 months. Through applied experience and instructor-led learning, students will study system troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, design, and analysis. Find a campus near you for more information about Computer Network Technician program.

*Length varies by program. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Florida Career College does not promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.

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