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5 Benefits of Pursuing a Career as a Dental Assistant

If you love working with people, prefer variety in your daily on-the-job activities, and have a strong desire to attain work/life balance, becoming a dental assistant may be the perfect career choice for you. Florida Career College (FCC) in Orlando and Pembroke Pines offers a program to help you progress your career as a dental assistant.  

Florida Career College has put together this top 5 list of benefits of a dental assistant career. 


No two days—and no two mouths—are the same for dental assistants. You won’t be bored in a dental facility or office where you’ll often oversee patient care and intake, assist the dentist chairside, clean dental equipment, maintain patient records, and comfort and educate patients. You’ll frequently be on your feet organizing and helping to keep the office running smoothly instead of sitting behind a computer.

Working with People

Dental assistants get to know a lot of different people, from patients to dentists and other professionals in the practice. You also spend your days comforting people and helping them feel better. The opportunity to help transform lives through better care often appeals to those considering the field, especially compassionate individuals who enjoy enhancing the quality of life of others. 

Work/Life Balance

This is often a tricky goal for working professionals, but dental assistants report that this is one of the best features of their jobs. Most dental offices are open during normal business hours and no late nights. 

Quick Entry to the Workforce

The Dental Assistant Training Program at FCC can be completed in as few as 10 months, meaning that you can enter the workforce faster and begin building your career. And taking a formalized training program from an accredited institution  provides not only a distinctive mark of quality on your resume but ensures that you are learning standardized techniques and theories that will transfer to any dental office. 

Bonus Benefit: Career Advancement Opportunities

While a career as a dental assistant is rewarding and exciting and often a lifetime choice, it is also a potential stepping stone to other careers down the road. The ongoing hands-on experience in the office, need to stay on top of developments in the field, and exposure to other dental positions, may spark an interest in continuing to develop your skills. For example, many dental assistants later become dental hygienists or choose to specialize in other dental-related areas like orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, or endodontics.

If the above benefits of a dental assistant career sound like something you’d be interested in finding out more about, check out the program to learn more about our classes , the hands-on dental practice taught by experienced instructors, and on-the-job externship opportunities.

* Length varies by program. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Florida Career College does not promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.