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5 Tips For Setting Goals To Advance Your Career

Successful people set goals in order to reach where they are, irrespective of their field. Goals that are defined clearly and are precise help you measure the progress you are making and to motivate yourself to constantly going forward and do big things in your career. Without goals, your entire hard work may seem a pointless charade to you. Subsequently, to achieve satisfaction in your work life, you need to set concrete goals and must take action to achieve them.

Here are 5 tips from Florida Career College for setting goals to advance your career to the next level:


Primarily, the reason why people are unable to achieve their goals is because they set unrealistic goals. For your goals to be a success, you should keep them manageable. For example, don’t promise yourself to land your dream job with the perfect salary on your first try. Instead aim to get several job interviews related to the kind of job that you would enjoy doing. This way you are being practical about your job opportunities, while still working towards getting your dream job.


Your career goal should be specific. Clearly define what you want to achieve in measurable and quantifiable terms. This is important so that you may be able to track your performance and motivate yourself to work in the right direction. So next time, do not resolve to be a better networker. Rather work on building a single contact that is worth your while, or try a new technique of networking.


Precisely set dates and timelines for your goals to keep track of your success or falling behind. Deadlines help you move in the correct direction, keep working to achieve the goals and keep motivating yourself in case you fall behind.


Good performance is important to get noticed and receive appreciation. But, what is more important is communication to your superiors what your goals are and where do you want yourself reach with all your efforts. Try to create win-win situations for yourself and your organization, so that when the organization progresses you progress. Remember, managers cannot read your minds. You have to tell them exactly in what concrete manner you would like to be appreciated and also keep asking them for pointers to continuously improve your performance.


Obviously, there will be times when you will get off the track or fall behind. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are failing. This just means you need to reevaluate to see what you are not doing right, reset your plans and then pick up your pace again. Remember, those who never quit, never fail! With that said, career progress is not a job that just happens by chance. Rather, it is made possible by a well thought out, planned and worked constantly in the desired direction effort. So, set your goals wisely to reach where you want to be. And, meanwhile don’t forget to enjoy yourself through the journey!

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