A career as a hospital administrator offers you the ability to work in a position that is rewarding, lucrative, and necessary. All health administrators are responsible for the proper direction, planning, and coordination of health and medical services in the hospital setting.

Some of the duties that you may be responsible for include improving the quality of care received, supervising and training staff, creating work schedules, organizing the facility’s services, and managing the finances of the department.

While most hospital administrators work in the hospital setting, some work in outpatient care centers, nursing homes, doctors’ office, and in government facilities.

In this role, you will be given a lot of responsibility and it is important that you have the following six skills that EVERY hospital administrator needs to be successful.


A hospital administrator must be a people person. As you work through your day, you will find that you must interact with patients, their families, and guests. These patients and families may be from different cultural backgrounds or socioeconomic groups which requires you to be culturally aware.

Administrators need to have a professional, friendly, and optimistic attitude at all times, and you should have the skills needed to interact with everyone.


In your role as a hospital administrator, you will find that you need to work with many people from nurses to patients to local staff and doctors. Teamwork is an essential skill for this job because you will be in a position where you need to talk to people and interact with multiple people at any one given time. You also need to be able to effectively communicate clearly and in an organized fashion.

As a hospital administrator, you will be required to look out for the safety of all patients, and you must always have their best interests in mind.

This skill may come as a surprise to you, but it is necessary. As an administrator, you will find yourself dealing with legal issues, talking to patients’ attorneys, and ensuring all health regulations are followed. Because of this, you should have a strong legal background. While you do not need to be a lawyer or even paralegal, it is imperative that you learn the most critical laws and apply them when needed.


Typing skills are a must but hospital administrators also need to have additional technology skills such as knowing the ins and outs of medical billing, accessing and using record systems, and knowing how to install and utilize proper software.


There will likely come a time when you need to step in and make a decision on your feet. One of the most necessary skills any hospital administrator can have is the ability to problem solve. You should be able to communicate effectively and provide solutions that not only solve the problem but keep the patients’ best interests in mind too.


Lastly, all hospital administrators should be able to adapt and overcome. What we mean by this is that your role is ever changing, and you need to be able to take charge and adjust so that you can handle any problems that may arise throughout the work day.


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