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8 Benefits of Working in a Hospital as a Medical Assistant Technician

If you have decided that you want to work in the healthcare field, you have chosen a great industry to be in. Everyone needs some type of healthcare in their lives and you will find that your job is not only secure but quite rewarding as well.

Being a medical assistant technician is a wonderful career choice and most students who enter the field remain in their role. If you have inquired about becoming a medical assistant technician previously, you have likely heard about all the settings you can work in from a local urgent care clinic to the hospital and even a doctor’s office.

There are many settings to choose from but one of the most popular choices is the hospital. Many of our Florida Career College medical assistant technician students move on to work in the hospital and if you continue to read below, we will cover 8 benefits that make this setting a great choice.


It can be scary entering a new career, especially since you need a job to pay bills and care for your family. Job security and stability is essential and working as a medical assistant technician in a hospital will provide you with the sense of security you desire.

As people continue to age, there is a constant need for medical and healthcare professionals. Medical Assisting is an in-demand career, and will continue to grow as the US population continues to age and require more medical attention.


As a medical assistant technician, you will be one of the first faces that patients see. You can make a difference in someone’s life, especially those patients who are extremely ill, do not have family, or are experiencing anxiety due to their diagnosis.

Since most patients who visit the hospital are there for extended care, you can put a smile on their face and make them feel comfortable.


Hospitals are ALWAYS open. Yes, we mean always – holidays, during hurricanes, weekends, and every day. Since a hospital is open 24-7/365, you will find that there is some flexibility in your schedule.

One of the biggest differences between being a medical assistant technician in a hospital and in a traditional doctor’s office is that you can break away from the 9 to 5 schedule. If you have a family or you are a night owl, you will find many flexible schedule options that work.


One of the nice payoffs to working in a hospital is that hospitals tend to pay more than traditional doctor’s offices. With that said, you can expect to receive a modest amount of pay, even in an entry-level position.

While the pay will vary from hospital to hospital, the average salary for a medical assistant is $16.16 an hour per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Hospitals MUST be clean and safe. In fact, there are specific standards that the hospital must meet, and hospitals are inspected often to ensure they do meet the guidelines. With that in mind, you will always know that the environment you are working in is healthy and safe.


Often, people do not think about the broad picture when they choose what setting they want to work in, and the hospital provides you with an opportunity to be part of a team and work as a team. This type of comradery can help you when you may have a question about how to do something or just when you need someone there to talk to.


Lastly, there is always room for advancement within the hospital environment. This means that you may start out as a medical assistant technician and then move on to a new, higher-up position.

Another thing to consider too is that hospitals often offer tuition assistance or will pay their employees to complete additional training and classes – you can’t beat that!


A medical assistant technician is a great career choice and working in a hospital offers many benefits in addition to the 8 we listed above.

At Florida Career College, we offer a medical assistant diploma program that includes the hands-on skills you need and an externship at a local medical office. If you would like to learn more about our program, call one of our program advisors today.