If you have been tossing around the idea of starting a new career, now is an excellent time to do so. You, like many others, have probably been thinking about a career change for some time. Unfortunately, our fears of being in a new position or facing a new situation often keep us in the same position we are in. It can be tough to be the “new person” again – we get it.

Whether you are dissatisfied with the current career you have, or you are ready to strengthen your skills and move into a new role, opportunity awaits you here at Florida Career College. We offer several Career Training Programs that allow you to transition into a new career and our programs provide you with the hands-on training and skills needed to be successful.

We believe that you can be anything you want, and new opportunities await you around every corner. As you get ready to train for a new career, here are some tips to help you get back to the basics and prepare yourself for whatever comes your way!


When you were younger, your mother or father probably told you often to “lose the attitude.” This statement could not ring truer now that you are an adult and want to find yourself in a new career. Your attitude speaks volumes about you.

While you will be trained and have some experience under your belt, you must realize that you are NEW to the position you are in. You must prove yourself to your boss and coworkers.


NEVER be afraid to ask questions. Let us repeat that – NEVER be afraid to ask questions. In fact, employers love it when you ask questions because it means you are interested in the position, you have a willingness to learn, and you are progressing in your position.

Employees who never ask questions and do not understand a concept will make mistakes and cost the company in the end. You should never hesitate to ask a coworker or management a question you may have.

On a side note, keep in mind that the more you ask, the more you learn.


Taking notes may seem trivial to you when you start a new career, but notes are vital to your success. It cannot be stressed enough that you should arrive to your interview AND first day of the job with a notebook and pen in hand.

Employees who take notes will prosper and avoid that awkward moment where you must ask your coworker the same question five times because you never wrote it down.


Responsibility is HUGE. You want to be responsible in many ways. First, you should be responsible by dressing the part and arriving on time. Second, you want to be responsible by owning any mistakes you make and asking questions along the way. Lastly, you oversee your own success, so do not be afraid to make strides.


You will quickly learn that feedback is part of the job. It can be hard to not take feedback and criticism personally. Instead, you want to take all feedback as a learning tool and apply it.

Your employer WANTS to see you succeed and that is why they are providing you with feedback in the first place. To be successful in your new role, you should always apply the feedback to your situation and even ask for feedback when you think you need it.


Florida Career College is a local vocational school with several campuses located throughout Florida and one campus located in Houston, Texas. Our campuses offer a wide variety of hands-on training programs that prepare you for a new career. Each one of our programs can be completed in less than a year and the curriculum is tailored to provide you with the skills and training needed for you to succeed.

If you have been thinking about a new career, now is the time to get the proper training. At Florida Career College, we understand that you are busy and that is why we offer day and evening schedules so that you can work, enjoy life, and study – all at the same time.

Some of the programs our campuses offer include:

Our faculty and instructors are here to help you along the way. Call Florida Career College today to speak with one of our program advisors.