The economy is not quite back to where it used to be, but there are signs that it`s getting better in some places. People who watch hiring trends are finding some careers are hiring back workers or survived the recession pretty well.

US News and World Report published a list of growing careers and the reasons why they are improving. We added in programs of study whose graduates are in a great position to compete for entry-level positions.

  • Administrative. Companies are filling in administrative positions that have been empty for months. Many of these jobs began as temporary positions. Graduates who recently earned a diploma or associate degree in business administration are ideal candidates for admin jobs.
  • Healthcare. This area was barely touched by the recession. Certain allied health professionals, including medical assistants, massage therapists, x-ray technicians, surgical technologists, and medical billing and coding specialists remain in demand.
  • Retail: Computers and Electronics. While retail is slowly recovering, computers and electronics are coming back faster than other areas. Consumers are again buying products that are part of their daily lives, such as laptops and TVs. Persons who bring a solid knowledge of computers can be serious competitors for retail sales positions.

The job outlook is particularly encouraging for graduates of programs in computer networking and security, graphic design and animation, computer-aided drafting, and electronics technology.

  • Systems Design and Maintenance. Although many IT jobs were shipped overseas, companies still need people who can design and maintain their IT onsite.
  • Web Portals and Internet Publishing. People are turning to the Internet more than ever for their information. This is a great opportunity for people with Internet and Web skills such as site design and maintenance.

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