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Career Colleges Train for “Happier” Careers

A few months back, there was a flurry of reports about who are the happiest workers in America.

The happiest workers are the clergy, followed by firefighters, travel agents, and mechanics and repairmen.

Why are these folks happier with their jobs than everyone else? Well, a little thinking and researching shows that their jobs require them to interact with other people nearly all the time.

Look at mechanics and repairmen (and women). They fix broken things, and that makes their customers happy. They consult with one another, building trust and a sense of teamwork. They speak the same language with each other, and the best of them can “translate” to others.

(Think about that mechanic who explained why your brakes are squealing, or the plumber who showed you how to avoid clogged drains. You liked that they spoke to you in language you understood.)

Career Colleges such as the schools and colleges that make up Florida Career Colleges provide specialized training in careers that have a lot in common with what you find in these “happy” careers.

For example:

  • Careers in the technology field include repair and maintenance. Unlike mechanics, technology specialists work indoors—a real bonus in some climates. Tech folks work in teams, consult with each other, and explain the problem and solution to their “customers” (often, their co-workers).
  • Medical Assistants, Dental Assistants, and Surgical Technologists also work in teams. Dental and Medical Assistants work  hard to gain the trust of their patients in order to work effectively. Medical and Dental Assistants often interact with patients’ family members as well, and a Surgical Technologist might be the first person a patient sees after waking up from surgery.

In addition, people in these fields have skills that are constantly updated right there on the job. They don’t get bored. They know they are needed and that their skills are valued by their team members.

At a time when so many workers report feeling isolated and unhappy, it really makes sense to look at a career that brings happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

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