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Q&A with Graduate Arrielle Nicolas, FCC Medical Assistant Graduate

Jan 4, 2021
Medical Assistant Grad

Q&A with Arrielle! She is a 2017 graduate from Florida Career College’s Medical Assistant Technician program, learn more about her FCC experience.

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Florida Career College Responds to COVID-19 with Resilience and Determination

Oct 23, 2020
We Miss You - Florida Career College Online Learning

Distance learning was a sensible short-term solution for students in the didactic portion of their learning while FCC implemented new procedures.

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5 Tips to Help you Succeed with Distance Learning

Apr 8, 2020
5 Tips to Help You Succeed with Distance Learning - Florida Career College

Florida Career College has begun transitioning to online distance learning and navigating through a new type of classroom to ensure you have continued success in completing your program on time.

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8 Habits of Effective Dental Assistants

Mar 10, 2020
8 Habits of Effective Dental Assistants - UEI College

On your way to becoming a dental assistant? Here are 8 effective habits that can help you. Call Florida Career College today to enroll in our short-term program.

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How to Highlight Your Skills on a Resume

Mar 3, 2020
How to Highlight Your Skills on a Resume - Florida Career College

Your resume is one of the most important things you will write in your career history. Why? Because your resume is a snapshot of who you are, your…

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