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Florida Career College Graduate is Passionate about Healthy Kids

Oct 19, 2020
FCC Lauderdale Lakes Pacient Care Technician Graduate - Florida Career College

The 10-month program introduced Johnte to the tools, settings, and experiences she would encounter in her new career. “The program prepared me with the skills for this job, but I also have learned so much since I started,” she said..

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Faculty Spotlight: Fighting Coronavirus on the Front Lines, While Racing For a Cure

Aug 17, 2020

Jose Muniz, RN, a Patient Care instructor at the Florida Career College Miami campus, inspires students to serve the community.

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Medical Assistant Technician vs. Patient Care Technician: What to Know

May 26, 2020
Medical Assistant Technician vs Patient Care Technician What to Know - Florida Career College

Many different professionals work together to achieve a common goal in a hospital or doctor’s office and that is to ensure that each patient is healthy and properly cared for.Two growing healthcare careers are medical assistant technician and patient care technician.

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A Day in the Life of a Patient Care Technician

Apr 21, 2020
A Day in the Life of a Patient Care Technician - Florida Career College

Patient care technicians play an important role in the healthcare industry. In fact, they help to support doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that care for patients. As a PCT, or patient care technician, you have several options where you can work.

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Why Healthcare is a Great Field to Get Into

Feb 25, 2020
Why Healthcare is a Great Field to Get Into - Florida Career College

Healthcare is one of the largest growing fields today for many reasons including the aging Boomer population and the increase in people putting…

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