Coalition for Educational Success Links Jobs with Career Training

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    March 01, 2017

    Have you heard of the Coalition for Educational Success?

    The group is made up of a number of career colleges in the United States. According to its website, the group “[promotes] policies that support access to higher education, particularly for non-traditional students including full-time workers, workforce returners, working parents, minorities and veterans.”

    So why do I ask?

    Well, in a September 2011 article for the Sun Herald online newspaper, the Coalition’s Managing Director, Penny Lee, shared her thoughts on unemployment in the U.S.

    “Today, the jobs exist, but the properly trained workforce does not,” she explained. “America needs to bridge the gap between employers’ needs and workforce training.”

    Now if you’re wondering about the unemployment rate, I have some not so good news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) released its latest Employment Situation report on September 2, 2011. The report shows a national unemployment rate of 9.1 percent as of August 2011.

    Of course this is higher than any of us would like it to be. But Lee believes this is where career colleges can help.

    The same report by the BLS also shows that the health care field “continued to add jobs” in August. In other words, the need for people with healthcare education and skills to fill those positions increased.

    Career colleges offer programs that train students for specific careers (which is probably why they are called career colleges). This kind of training can help match the skills that are needed in the workforce.

    As Lee puts it, “Career colleges stand ready to build on our success of preparing students for in-demand careers and assist federal, state and local governments to address the skills gap that exists in America.”




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