Discover 5 Ways to Network While Still in School

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    March 01, 2017

    If you are still in school and think that you have all the time for networking, then you are putting your career at stake. They say, “It’s never too late to start,” but in case of career networking, it’s never too early! In fact, school years are probably the best time when you can network with your friends, teachers and career center advisers and lay the foundation of your new career. This blog post may help you discover some effective ways to network while you are still in school:

    Widen Your Network

    Don’t limit your social network to your dorm and classroom. You have to step out of your bubble and interact with your seniors. They have gone through all the phases you are currently going through- they can guide you in a better way to deal with your problems. Plus, it is easier to share your thoughts with seniors than with teachers. No matter how friendly your teachers are, you can’t have the same bonding with them as you have with your friends. Discuss with your seniors about internships, school projects and other ways to improve your profile.

    Be Active on Social Forums

    Social sites like LinkedIn provide a feasible platform to students to interact with employers. Make an impressive resume: highlight your certifications, academic achievements, skills and professional objectives. Secondly, get connected with organizations that you find impressive. Professional connections can help you land a job once you graduate. Be selective when connecting with business organizations, and make sure only to connect with renowned organizations to safeguard your personal identity.

    Use Your Acquaintances as Resources

    Use your friends, family and acquaintances as resources. Make the most of social gatherings, where you can meet a number of people with different professional backgrounds. Share your professional goals and interest with them and discuss with them about your future career plans. They have the right amount of hands-on experience to guide you about viable job opportunities. Though you have to be outstanding at your studies to get excellent job opportunities, you also need to develop professional skills to stand out in the crowd- and your family, friends and acquaintances can help you with it.

    Attend Events

    Don’t be a book worm- participate in extracurricular activities and personality-building events like debate competitions, seminars, etc. This will not only develop your communication skills, but also boost your confidence. Events like alumni dinners, where you can meet former schoolmates can be a good opportunity to widen your network beyond your classroom.

    Interact with Teachers

    Teachers usually have professional connections and can help you get strong referrals. No matter how good your grades are, you need career references to strengthen your profile. Having a friendly bond with your teachers can help you get good referrals that can support your resume.

    Now that you know about career networking make the most of your college years to get a good job as soon as you finish your studies.



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