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Don’t Fall Behind in School, How to Get Caught Up

College is an exciting time for any student and most students arrive on the first day motivated and ready to learn. You likely have an idea of how you plan to do homework the night before it is due and how you plan to stay on top of things in class. You may have even reorganized an area in your home and dedicated it as your school space.

While this motivation is what powers you through the first couple weeks of school, it should come as no surprise that your motivation may start to slip a little later in the school year. Hey, it happens to everyone, so don’t feel bad. As your motivation does slip, you may find yourself waking up later and arriving to class right on time instead of early or you may find yourself studying for that big exam the night before instead of all week.

You will find yourself making compromises and these compromises can place your success in limbo. Unfortunately, the less motivation you have, the more likely it is that you will fall behind in school. Sometimes, you may even fall behind in school due to things out of your control such as a death in the family, an illness, or some other disaster – we get it.

Florida Career College wants you to know that we are here to help you when you face problems such as falling behind in your schoolwork. Our team of committed and dedicated staff and faculty will work with you to ensure you remain successful in your classes.

If you have fallen behind in your coursework or you simply want to know what to do if you do fall behind, take a moment to check out the tips below. And remember, we, at Florida Career College, are here for you too!


Whether you missed class due to being sick or anything other reason, you need to know exactly what you missed to get caught back up. While you may feel overwhelmed as that list grows, it will help you in the end.

Asking a friend in the class or a fellow student is a good start, but, ultimately, you will want to meet one-on-one with your instructor to find out where you should be.


Without a plan, you will not succeed. Once you have a list of what you have missed, it is time to sit down and plan out your next steps. For example, you could commit one hour per day to catching up on homework that was missed or two hours of studying.

It is important to keep in mind that you will still have current homework and readings to keep up with, so it is vital that you create a plan that works.


As we mentioned briefly above, you will still have assignments that are due while you are catching up. For you to remain successful in your classes, you need to ensure you do not fall behind again.

You should make a commitment to yourself that you will not miss any more assignments and that you will turn in all assignments on time. Another good goal would be to turn in at least one or two late assignments with a current assignment – this way, you hold yourself accountable too.


Your instructor knows that school is difficult and can quickly take a backseat to the reality of life. If you are behind in your work, talk to your instructor and explain the situation to them. You will find that most instructors are understanding and willing to work with you.


Keeping up with your work in school is vital to your success, but, if you do fall behind, there is help available to you and the above tips are a great start. If you find yourself in need of any study tips, we recommend you check out our 10 Tips to Help You Study.

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