Computer and Network Technician student Terrence Louine was selected for the 2023 'Be The Change' scholarship

Empowering Change: Terrence Louine’s Journey to Impact

In a world where injustice and inequality persist, the pursuit of education becomes a powerful tool for change. Terrence Louine, a recent recipient of Florida Career College’s 2023 “Be the Change” scholarship, exemplifies how a commitment to education and a passion for transforming communities can create a positive ripple effect.

Growing up in a diverse neighborhood, Louine had the privilege of witnessing the beautiful mosaic of cultures that shape our world. However, a jarring incident on a fateful July 4th evening shattered his belief in the inherent fairness of society. Walking home, he took a shortcut through a seemingly friendly neighborhood. Suddenly, a bright red Mustang sped toward him, leaving a chilling red dot on his chest. Racial slurs followed, leaving him fearing for his life. This traumatic experience was just one instance of the pervasive social injustice African Americans face.

As Louine confronted this painful reality, he recognized that his personal encounter was only a fraction of the racial profiling, unfair treatment, and systemic biases that plague his community. These experiences illuminated the need for change and ignited a fire within him to confront racial inequality head-on.

Louine’s journey led him to the Computer and Network Technician (CNT) program at FCC in Boynton Beach, a path that he carved for himself after a detour from film school. Although initially drawn to filmmaking, he felt that his purpose lay elsewhere. Upon his uncle’s recommendation, he embarked on the road to trade school, aiming to harness his talents for a greater cause.

The “Be the Change” scholarship recognized Louine’s unwavering commitment to addressing the injustices faced by the African American community. His scholarship essay delved into his passion for education, community engagement, and advocacy. His voice echoed through his words, “I want to be the start of a change. I want to give my community and the people that live in it a better future.”

FCC’s CNT program equips him with the skills and knowledge he needs to enact change in his community. Beyond school, he envisions himself as a mentor, providing guidance to young men who, like him, lack a positive male influence. His personal experience of growing up without a father’s guidance fuels his commitment to shaping a brighter future for the next generation. He hopes to one day open his own business that contributes to the economic growth, mentorship, and positive change his community needs.

His scholarship essay encapsulated this commitment, quoting a famous poem, “I will be the soil between the cracks of the concrete with which roses will blossom for trees and roses to blossom.” Louine’s dream goes beyond himself; it extends to cultivating a nurturing environment where future leaders can flourish.

“I am very proud of Mr. Louine for his commitment to success. He is truly a role model to other students,” said Dannys Rabelo, Regional Director for FCC. “We congratulate him for receiving the well-deserved scholarship.”

“As a student Terrence  has shown a dedication to his schoolwork; he is always punctual and helpful to others,” said Rickey Bridgelal, CNT Instructor. “I know from talking to him that he is going through a lot of trials and tribulations. I am very proud of him for receiving such an award, it’s well deserved.”

Louine reminds future change makers that both challenges and triumphs are part of the journey. “You might not know what to do right now, but if you focus on the present, then you’ll always be ready for the future,” he said.

Through the “Be the Change” scholarship, Louine’s dedication to confronting racial injustice and fostering positive change has been recognized and supported. His journey through education and self-discovery is a testament to the transformative power of learning, proving that individuals can indeed be the change they wish to see in the world. Louine’s future, fueled by his education and determination, is one of mentorship, advocacy, and inspiring a new generation of leaders.