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Externship Pinning Ceremony Honors Grads at Florida Career College Jacksonville

Externship Pinning Ceremony Honors Grads at Florida Career College Jacksonville - Florida Career College

Our Florida Career College Jacksonville community was proud to celebrate our Medical Assistant Technician program graduates at a special pinning ceremony. These grads have finished the program, and are gearing up to take their new skills and experience with them to their 180-hour externships with local medical offices.

While rejoicing at all that they’ve accomplished, we also thought back to how far these students have come. For 11 months they have given it their all, working hard to reach their goals even when faced with challenges. They chose FCC because they knew that our dedicated and caring faculty and staff would be with them every step of the way offering them respect, support, and guidance.


One of those students is Taniyah W., who shared a little about her experience with the Medical Assistant Technician program, and how one special teacher made all the difference in helping her graduate alongside her peers and friends.

Thank you, Mr. Carder, for the education and the experience. I appreciate you so much! Everything you’ve taught me, all the knowledge you gave me have helped me to continue my education. I am so grateful that I was placed in your class. There’s so much more for me to learn, but you gave me more knowledge than I needed, and I’m thankful.

I promise I’ll be the doctor I want to be one day, and I will never forget about the greatest teacher FCC has ever had!

It is also this commitment—from both Taniyah and Mr. Carder, the student and the teacher—that we celebrated at the pinning ceremony.

Congratulations, Taniyah, and ALL of the graduates of the Medical Assistant Technician program who were honored! We are thrilled for you and excited for your new journey.

And thank you, Mr. Carder, for building helpful and encouraging relationships with your students, impacting their lives in positive ways, and helping them to achieve their goals, building the futures they will be proud of. This is our mission at Florida Career College and we say it all the time, but seeing the pride, joy, and confidence on the faces of these students reminds all of us why we do what we do.

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