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Florida Career College Launching Dental Assistant Program Across Campuses

Florida Career College Launching Dental Assistant Program Across Campuses - Florida Career College

FLORIDA, July 2, 2019 – Florida Career College is excited to announce that we will be launching our Dental Assistant program across ALL Florida campuses to include Boynton Beach, Hialeah, Jacksonville, Lauderdale Lakes, Margate, Miami, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. Currently, the Dental Assistant program is offered only at the Orlando and Pembroke Pines locations.

Students aspiring to become a Dental Assistant can take advantage of this opportunity. All students who enroll in this program will receive the hands-on training they need to be successful in an entry-level role. The Florida Career College dental assistant program trains students in preventative, radiographic, and clinic dentistry procedures.

“The expansion of the Dental Assistant program is a significant addition to our campuses located in Florida,” says Fardad Fateri, President & CEO of International Education Corporation. “This program will add further value to our career education offerings, providing students with a career option where they can help people take care of their health. Students who enroll in this program will learn in labs designed to look like actual dental offices, using industry-relevant tools and hands-on training from professionals experienced in the dental industry.”

The Dental Assistant program contains 8 modules. In the first 7 modules students participate in both classroom and laboratory environments. Throughout the modules, students will be tested on their knowledge and skills and each module builds upon the previous one to create a solid foundation for all students.

The last module in the program includes an externship that consists of 170 hours of on-the-job training at a local extern employment site. Students will have the opportunity to apply everything they learned throughout the course while at their extern site.

All students who successfully complete the Dental Assisting program graduate with a Dental Assistant diploma. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, the student will be issued a certificate of completion certifying that the student has completed a Florida Board of Dentistry approved expanded duties training program in Dental Assisting Expanded Functions.

The demand for dental assistants is on the rise and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment for dental assistants will grow by 19% until 2026, which is much faster than average.

With opportunities to advance and a wide array of work environments to choose from, it is no wonder that students all over are choosing to train to join this career field.

Florida Career College is excited to be able to bring this opportunity to you at all of our Florida campuses. Enrollment for the Dental Program has already started with the first class starting on  Monday, July 29. You can learn more about the dental assistant program and all other programs offered at


Florida Career College has been providing students with high-quality vocational education and career training at our campuses located in Florida and Houston, Texas. Each one of the programs offered is designed to provide every student with the skills, knowledge, and training they need to be successful in their futures.

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of students and we specialize in focused classes  to ensure each student can learn and get the attention they need.  With day and evening classes, you will find that Florida Career College is committed to helping students succeed.

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