Getting an Education Can Boost Your Kids' Future, Too!

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    March 01, 2017

    Did you know that by getting an education, you are also boosting your children's futures?

    It's not just in terms of Mom or Dad earning a better living for the family by getting the education and training that prepares them for careers--it's also in terms of boosting their children's success in school, the workplace, and even their social skills.

    According to a study from the Pew Charitable Trusts,There is a very strong  link between a parent's education and his or her children's future, and this link is strongest right here in the United States. In other words, American children whose parents get an education are most likely to have a successful and healthy future. And in the reverse, American children whose parents have little education are more likely to stay in an underachieving pattern and not become more successful than their parents.

    What's more, children benefit from their parents' education well into adolescence.

    Family income has the strongest impact on educational success, followed by cognitive, or intellectual, strengths. It also influences children's future income, and to a lesser extent, their physical and social/emotional success.

    Can children whose parents don't have a higher education and are in lower-income families do well in these areas? They certainly can. But, the researchers found that in the 10  countries they studied, family background does make a difference in how well-prepared young children are for school. For example, children from poorer families do worse on vocabulary tests as those from middle and higher income families. Sad, but true.

    Interestingly, the study also found that in France, parents of children who attend preschool have higher monthly earnings.

    So keep at it, FCC students! Your efforts can have an impact far beyond your working years. Plus, your kids are watching and trust me, they are impressed by your efforts. If you haven't noticed it yet, you will see it on their faces at graduation.





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