Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) careers haven’t shown their full potential quite yet. If you live in areas that are traditionally in warm climates then you have a much higher earning potential. For this reason Florida and Texas are huge hubs for HVAC professionals. HVAC professionals are often overlooked until someone’s air conditioning doesn’t work. The “cool”  thing about a job as an HVAC professional is that every city and county in the nation employs some sort of HVAC professional out of necessity for temperate indoor temperatures.

If you’re interested in becoming an HVAC Technician, you should consider enrolling in FCC’s HVAC Training Program. The program can be completed and you can earn your diploma in as little as 10 months.

Why a Career in HVAC is still Cool?

Employment Prospects

New constructions are continually being built, more and more homes are installing central air systems, and the rise of use of energy friendly systems has urged some people to upgrade as to comply with energy standards. As technology and smart energy methods are implemented, HVAC professionals will be in even higher demand. The HVAC Industry expects consistent job growth from 2012 through 2022.

Career Advancement

People want a career because they find enjoyment, fulfillment, and get compensation for services. Being able to enjoy your job ignites a passion for what you do. Passionate people tend to work harder and are more meticulous with their work then say a person who is not passionate about their job. In the HVAC industry, a worker is able to find fulfillment in his or her job as they are in a position to directly help people and provide people a necessity of comfort. If you have cultivated a passion and find fulfillment as an HVAC professional then it takes experience to really propel your career forward. Once you have related experiences there are often options to pivot your career into sales or become a manager and or inspector. Your advancement in large depends on your career goals and aspirations and how hard you work to achieve those goals!

Earning Potential

Most people are saying, “Ok, great if I can find fulfillment in my job, but I still need fair compensation.” As an HVAC professional (depending on where you live) you can make around $40k starting out. The further you progress your career and the more experience you gain, the more money you will undoubtedly earn. By making fair compensation in a stable job market and gaining enjoyment in your work, the HVAC industry could be a perfect fit for you!

If you are ready to start training for a career that will give you fulfillment and great compensation call one of our Florida Career College campuses at  888-852-7272.


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