Step By Step to Her Ideal Career MAT Graduate from FCC Hialeah - Florida Career College

Step by Step: How This FCC Alum Found a Perfect Career

After beginning her higher education at a college in the Miami area, Ludmiyard Firogene ran into some financial difficulties and had to put a pause on academics. During her second year, she stepped away from school to dedicate more time to work and save money to go back.

While she was working for about a year or so, she found out about Florida Career College (FCC). She received a phone call from an advisor at FCC encouraging her to visit the campus, whether she was ready to start school again or not.

“I really enjoyed it and decided it was time for me to continue school,” Ludmiyard said. “Once I officially enrolled at FCC, things were looking better.”

She enrolled in the Medical Assistant Training Program (MAT Program) at the FCC Hialeah campus, and connected with instructor Anne Foster early on. She appreciated Ms. Foster’s professional experience and real-life stories she shared with students. It helped Ludmiyard picture herself in non-traditional roles and made the material easier for her to learn.

“Ludmiyard is very hard working, always early, always smiling, and very helpful,” Ms. Foster said. “Her positivity kept the classroom environment upbeat and we are all extremely proud of her.”

She also recognizes the support she received in and out of school. Her family encouraged her every step of the way, including her older sister who also works in the healthcare field. A group of classmates in the MAT program came together to support one another in the classroom. Ludmiyard appreciated the collaborative spirit of that group of classmates and having other to share the experience with.

“Ludmiyard is the true example of ‘in a world in which you can be anything, be nice’. Her determination to assist others leaves a mark, and is contagious. We are proud to have her represent Hialeah, as she represents a lot more than that,” said Nicole Walsh, Assistant Program Administrator for Allied Health at FCC Hialeah.

Prior to graduating in October, Ludmiyard had an externship during the program with a podiatrist’s office in Miami. She received an offer from the site before she even finished her externship hours, which she accepted. She now works there full-time as a Medical Assistant Technician.

Her duties include, but are not limited to, front and back office responsibilities such as scheduling patient appointments, follow ups, updating charts, tracking lab results, and prepping patients for the doctor.

“It is really exciting because when I first started school, I didn’t really expect to work at a podiatrist office because we always talked about more typical settings,” she said. “It’s challenging which I’m up for.”

Ludmiyard also said if she were to go back to school, she could see herself seeking an education that would help her specialize in podiatry. Her attitude and open-mindedness, led her to a career she truly loves. It has also inspired her to be a life-long learner.

“People see that you want to learn and they help you do it,” she said. She wants to encourage students to find something they love and go for it. Passion, willingness to learn, perseverance, and lots of studying are her biggest points of advice.

“Don’t decide that you want to stop because you feel like you’re not ready,” she said. “No one is ever ready for that first step, but take it anyways.”