How To Emphasize Your Skills And Qualification On Your Resume

How To Emphasize Your Skills And Qualification On Your Resume - Florida Career College

A resume plays a very significant role in getting you noticed by the right people. A resume is effective when applying for a job, scholarship or internship. A good resume highlights your main qualifications and skills of the candidate. Here are a few tips to emphasize your skills and qualifications on your resume:


• A resume must highlight all your qualities but should be brief. Stick to the facts and provide relevant information. Read the job description you are about to apply for and highlight those skills that are relevant to the job. • Keep your resume neat. Use bullet points so that the recruiter finds it easy to read. Ensure there is enough space between each section and everything it is not jumbled up. • Keep it organized. Use headings and mention the necessary qualifications and skills under those headings using bullets. Examples of heading categories: Education, Work experience, Achievements, etc. • Make sure everything you write is effective, positive and honest. Don’t use negative words or sentences. You don’t have to write full sentences, make points and be specific.


• Make sure everything is formatted properly. • Except for your name and contact details, everything should be left aligned. Name and contact details must be placed on top.


• Include your full name, complete address including zip code, phone number(s) and email address on the top. You can also include your LinkedIn and Skype id. • These details should be written neatly and prominently.


• Mention each skill with a separate bullet. • Highlight the ones that will be suitable for the job you are applying for. • Don’t exaggerate. They may ask you about your skills in the interview.


• You must include all your education details in bullet points. • Mention the last degree you received on the top. • Include what subject you majored in, year of completion, location and name of the institute. • If you have achieved good grades, make sure to highlight them. You can also include the list of courses you have studied in the course. • Make the entire list of qualification similar to the pattern above. Make sure the details are brief and accurate.


• Write all the work experience you have had up till now. • Include relevant summer jobs, part time jobs, internships, class projects and field experiences. • Make sure to include a summary stating your assigned task to show the employers what kind of work you are familiar with. • Start with your recent experience and move back till your first experience.


• Extracurricular activities are considered as really significant for success. • Include all the activities you were involved in like drama club, cheer leading, honorary societies, math club, student council, athlete society, etc. • Also include the name of the society and its location.


• Highlight your biggest achievements in this section, if applicable. • Your publications, performances, exhibits or awards you achieved. • This will complement the skills you mentioned above and will demonstrate your success.


• Include any social work you have done or are doing. Any community service work or voluntary work which can show you in a positive light can be summarized in this section. Update Linkedin Information When you’re updating your resume remember to update your LinkedIn account as well. An updated LinkedIn account will ensure that it continues to serve the purpose that it was made for. With an obsolete email address or number, you’re missing out on opportunities just because you forgot to update your LinkedIn account. If you’d like to learn more tips on how to write an effective resume or if you have questions regarding job search, or interviewing tips reach out to your campus Career Center, and one of the advisors will gladly steer you in the right direction.

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