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IEC, Parent Company of Florida Career College and UEI College, to Offer Scholarships to Local Communities on July 20th

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Irvine, CA: As part of its rebrand campaign, on July 20th International Education Corporation (“IEC”) is giving away 75 scholarships to both current and prospective students — across all of its colleges nationally. The scholarship offering is part of another event: a unique 1:1 career coaching open house held at each campus, simultaneously. The event and scholarships are available to current as well as prospective students. At the event, attendees can apply for a $500 scholarship to attend that campus, and winners will be randomly selected the same day. In addition, both local employers and the college’s career services team members will meet 1-on-1 with individuals to help them learn how to successfully interview.

“We have many students who are working hard to improve their lives and train for a new career,” said Fardad Fateri, CEO of IEC. “We want to help them create a future they can be proud of. This day is designed to jumpstart that process and give students a chance to hear what employers are looking for.” Fateri added, “part of the rebrand of our colleges (UEI College, United Education Institute, and Florida Career College) includes a renewed focus on the overall student experience, and how that journey can empower students to build a better future for themselves as well as their family and their communities. We’re not just about training for a career. We truly believe that we can change entire communities over time by providing a meaningful education that transcends career training.” The event will be held at all UEI Colleges and Florida Career Colleges across the country, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 5-7 p.m. In addition to the scholarships and career coaching, attendees can enjoy refreshments and other family-friendly activities.

The new brand and approach is built on research.

IEC spent nearly a year reviewing the entire student journey to determine how they could ensure students get the time, attention, and support they need to reach their goals. Many hours of student, faculty, and staff interviews culminated in a new brand, and a new way of doing business. Like many organizations, they realized the key to success is relatively simple: focus on the consumer. Or in this case, the student.

“We’ve always taught the job skills our students need to be successful. Now we’re also building in more soft skills that will help our graduates stand out in the marketplace and succeed in life,” said Michael Cole, Regional Vice President of Operations at Florida Career College. “We have new curricular activities that help students build their confidence, and create connections with others who share their values. We want to make sure they know they have an entire faculty and staff supporting them. That includes helping students with challenges when everyday life interferes with their education.”

The event on the 20th is just one of many new supports and celebrations that students will see in the coming months. Part of the new brand includes recognition for wins, large and small — and not just academic. “We believe in celebrating progress, not perfection,” said Jim York, Vice President of Leadership Development. “From improved attendance to mentoring other students, we want to recognize the effort and discipline it takes for our students to keep showing up and doing their best,” York added.

For more information about the July 20th event, please call 949.812.7710.

About International Education Corporation (IEC)

Headquartered in Irvine, California, IEC is a premier national provider of postsecondary career education offering top-quality programs in high-demand verticals such as healthcare, business, technology, transportation, and criminal justice. IEC is the parent company of UEI College, United Education Institute, Florida Career College and US Colleges.

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