It’s Scholarship Season – Where Can You Find Them?

It's Scholarship Season - Where Can You Find Them - Florida Career College

Paying for a college education is something that many people worry about at some time or another. At Florida Career College, your Financial Aid Advisor will help you find available financial aid options that can help you budget for your career-focused education. However, new scholarship opportunities surface all the time, and this money can help relieve a nice chunk of your financial responsibility. So whether you are a current or prospective student, the basic rule of thumb is: If you qualify, apply!

So where can you find these scholarships?

Online scholarship search engines can help you search for scholarships on your own time. U.S. News lists 4 Scholarship Search Engines that can help you find as many funding opportunities as possible.

So check out these websites, search for scholarships that match your qualifications, and if you qualify, apply! You have very little to lose (a couple hours of your time?) and a lot to gain (every little bit helps).

Happy scholarship hunting!

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