Medical Assistant Tops Yahoo! Degree List

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    March 01, 2017

    Yahoo! Education identified Medical Assistant as the #1 degree for healthcare, based on its job projections for the next decade.

    “Health care reform is creating many new, exciting jobs in what is already the fastest growing sector of our economy,” Yahoo`s Chris Kyle writes. “Factor in the aging population and demand for health care graduates has never been higher.”

    According to a study by The Atlantic, healthcare and medical science include six of the eight fastest-growing professions over the next ten years. Even better, three of the top five jobs with the largest projected growth are in the healthcare industry.

    As The Atlantic`s Derek Thompson notes, “we`re becoming a white-coat economy.”

    Those white coats, Yahoo`s Kyle says, will not be doctors but people who assist them—medical assistants, medical technicians, nurses, and other allied health staff. The reason is that while the nation is looking to slow down health care costs, the industry simply needs to grow to keep up with demand for health and medical services.

    Demand is already rising not for more doctors but for people who can provide general healthcare services, such as blood pressure checks, administering injections, and explaining medication regimens.

    In addition, the nation is growing older. We need professionals to work with elderly persons to help them maintain quality of life by assisting with activities of daily living (ADL), overseeing medication, and providing other caregiver duties.

    This is a great time to enter a Medical Assistant program. At Florida Career College, you can earn a Medical Assistant diploma in less time than you may think and go from learning to earning.


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