Meet Kaitlyn, A Pharmacy Technician Student at FCC Orlando - Florida Career College

Meet Kaitlyn, A Pharmacy Technician Student at FCC Orlando


As a little girl growing up my favorite subject was and still until this day is Science. I always wondered how things are created and manufactured. My primary caregiver was my granny she was the only person who cared for me and listened to me. She used to have various amounts of pills for different reasons, I would read her pill bottles and research the components of them and how that affects the body. She died of a heart attack and my world fell apart. I wondered why it happened? Was it the pills? Was it something the doctors didn’t see from her visits? I did not know but I wanted to learn more. The day before she died she asked me what I wanted to be in life I told her a doctor. It took years up until I reached high school and took biology that I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. 

My plan is to start from the bottom and work my way up. I want to be a Pharmacy Technician and once I am done, work towards my PharmD. This is smart because while I am working on my PharmD I’ll have experience in the pharmacy field and can work while in school. As years go by new medications and pills are being processed and created. It is my personal mission to be a part of that journey. Though this program can be rewarding with the final aspect but I see it more as an opportunity to help change someone’s life and to make an impact on everyone I see. 

The part about the program I love is the hands-on learning aspect.  The simple fact that I can get a first-hand real-life example and experience of what is to come in the rest of my journey. I also love that its more of a one on one approach with the class sizes and that I won’t feel left out and drowned in with the wave of people like it was at Valencia.

Growing up life was very hard for me, especially after my grandmother died. My mom abandoned me and so did my father. I felt really alone and hurt. My mom was an alcoholic and it was like she wasn’t even there she used to beat me for absolutely no reason at all. Countless nights she would stumble in drunk and I would have to nurse her back to health. She would bring various partners home at night after clubbing. Only for me to suffer more abuse. I never really had any support from anybody. I practically raised myself the only outlet I had was the church.  I never had the chance to be a child or be my age. I had to work twice as hard for my meals and clothes on my back. I walked or scraped up change just to get to school every day. School is the most important thing to me it is all that I have the only thing that makes me not want to throw in the towel.


The reason I came to FCC is that I want something better for myself I’ve been through so much to only be 19. I literally could not catch a break. This is truly the greatest opportunity for me to have and I just thank you guys for accepting me into your school. Because honestly, I don’t know where I would be right now. I am going to be someone in life and I will be successful and great and I will work hard to reach my goals this school year. My mom isn’t supportive of me in school or anything and I just want to show her that I am capable of more than she says I am.