Jose graduated from the Medical Assistant Technician program at Florida Career College in Orlando

Orlando Medical Assistant Technician Grad Turns His Passion for Helping Others into a New Career

“Always give your best effort, always ask questions and never give up.”

This has been Jose Angel Cajigas Lopez’s mantra ever since enrolling in the Medical Assistant Training Program at Florida Career College (FCC) in Orlando – an approach to life and to school has helped him overcome challenges as he pursued a new career in healthcare.

Jose entered the Medical Assistant Technician program eager to learn and determined to succeed.

“I used everything I’ve learned in the past nine months at school when I went to externship,” Jose said. “I performed X-rays, prepared the patient for the doctor and helped organize patient prescriptions.”

Jose did his externship experience at a podiatrist clinic in the Orlando area, and he was such a good fit that after just one week, his manager told Jose he would be hired full-time after his externship. He completed the externship in June and is loving his new job as a Medical Assistant Technician at the clinic.

“I always try to ask questions and reach out to my professors if I need anything,” Jose said. “I like to be on top of everything and ensure I’m always giving my best.”

The Power of Dedication and Positivity

Jose has had a passion for helping people ever since he was little. After the events of the past year, he thought it was the perfect time to pursue a career in the medical field. He didn’t think it was something he would like at first, but he’s come to absolutely love it. FCC played a role in helping him fall in love with this career choice.

“The staff and professors at FCC pay attention to every detail,” Jose said. “Whenever you have a question, they make sure they have an answer and answer in a way that you’ll understand it.”

Jose joined the program in the thick of the pandemic after losing his job. He also faced a challenge with his car, so getting to and from FCC for labs was another hurdle he had to overcome.

“It was tough, but if I had to walk to school and take two hours to get there, I would do it,” Jose said.

He found a strong support system of friends and faculty at FCC to help him through it. After a few months, he was able to get transportation to school. He felt he had his feet under him again and did well enough in school to be accepted into the Honors Society.

“Jose is an exceptional student,” said Instructor Frenel Hendy. “He is dedicated and determined to master every part of being a medical assistant. His attention to detail is very impressive, and I know he will do well, perhaps even one day he’ll become a teacher himself.”

Jose’s willingness to learn, be flexible, and his determination have put him in a position to accept the full-time position right after graduating.

“The most important thing is to have faith in yourself because it doesn’t matter what you’re going through,” Jose said. “What matters is the mindset you have on it.”

Jose wants to thank his family, especially his mom, for always being there for him through his journey. He’d also like to thank his friends, instructors and everyone who has helped him grow personally and professionally. With these supporters behind him, Jose has gone above all expectations regardless of his physical limitations.

“If you believe in yourself, the sky is the limit,” Jose said.