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Education, Job Skills, Employment and Musical Chairs

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Have you ever played musical chairs? You make a circle or square or some other shape out of chairs and everyone starts walking around them when the music starts playing. When the music stops, everyone rushes to sit in a chair. People who can’t find a chair to sit in are out of the game. It’s all good fun…until you can’t find a chair. Seems simple enough, right? Well in an interesti ...

Hurricane Irma Update

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A severe hurricane (Irma) is approaching the Florida area and the Jacksonville and Orlando campuses will be closed tomorrow, Saturday (9/9/17), and will remain closed through Monday, (9/11/17). There will be no Cosmetology classes on Saturday. There will be no classes on Monday.

IEC, Parent Company of Florida Career College and UEI College, to Offer Scholarships to Local Communities on July 20th

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Irvine, CA: As part of its rebrand campaign, on July 20th International Education Corporation (“IEC”) is giving away 75 scholarships to both current and prospective students — across all of its colleges nationally. The scholarship offering is part of another event: a unique 1:1 career coaching open house held at each campus, simultaneously. The event and scholarships are available to current as well as prospective students.

What to Look for in a Career College

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Stop by any university campus and you’ll find many students who have yet to determine their ultimate career path. Students at a career college, on the other hand, are usually attending with a defined employment goal in mind. They know the job they’re aiming for and they’re gaining the skills to land that position when they’re done. Of course, when you’re talking about trying to land your dream job, you don’t want to take any chances. Choosing the right career college is crucial to your future success in the job market. With that in mind, here are a few important questions to ask yourself when exploring unaccredited and accredited career colleges.