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How to Save Money While Going to School?

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Saving money may be a challenging task, if you are a college student. Between working fewer hours at work, and spending extra money on food and transportation, college costs seem to add up quickly.

The Value of Medical Assistant Technicians

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Did you know medical assisting was an informal career until the mid-20th century? In the first half of the twentieth century, doctors would hire assistants and would train them on the job. Everything changed during the 1960s and 1970s, the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) focused on further professionalizing the medical assistant career. They established me ...

Florida Career College Faculty Spotlight: Cynthia Alceus

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This week our very own Professor of Nursing Cynthia Alceus from Florida Career College-Pembroke Pines Campus tells us a little bit about herself. Cynthia started her nursing career when she was in the military and is now working toward her Doctorate at the University of Miami.

Tips for Eating Healthy While Going to School

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When you’re in school regardless of your age, you’re sure to skimp on your diet. Whether it’s because of lack of time to prepare better meals or you’re just too busy that you skip meals. The fact is that regardless of why you’re not eating healthy, your body needs adequate nutrition in order to maintain a healthy immune system and to keep stress at bay. If you’re only surviving on caf ...