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Meet Kaitlyn, A Pharmacy Technician Student at FCC Orlando

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"I had to work twice as hard for my meals and clothes on my back. I walked or scraped up change just to get to school every day. School is the most important thing to me it is all that I have the only thing that makes me not want to throw in the towel." A Pharmacy Technician student at Florida Career College Orlando campus shares her story about the struggles she has faced.

Why Information Technology is a Good Career

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Information Technology or more commonly known as I.T. is the most popular career and the fastest growing industry in the world. There are several success stories about people who chose this field for a career and are now on top of their game. But what is it about I.T. that makes it such a lucrative career choice for up and coming professionals. Here are a few reasons why people who ch ...

Business Office Administration: Education & Career Overview

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For any professional you come across, there is a team of people helping them keep things organized and get things done. Whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, business executive, talent agent, or any number of other professional occupations, they need help. Fielding phone calls and taking messages, coordinating meetings and schedules, tracking inventory and invoices, even managing social media accounts in this digital age, are just some of the responsibilities that you might have as a business office administrator. With this industry projected to grow through at least 2020, getting a diploma in Business Office Administration can give you a competitive edge to rise to the top of the applicant pool.

A Special Note to Our Students

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Our greatest reward is for you to walk across the graduation stage with all of your friends and families members in the audience celebrating loudly your incredible achievement. That’s our reward!! And, that’s our nourishment to keep going with even more vigor, love and passion!