Medical Assistant Grad

Q&A with Graduate Arrielle Nicolas, FCC Medical Assistant Graduate

Arrielle Nicolas is a 2017 graduate from Florida Career College’s Medical Assisting Program. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her daughter and has used her FCC experience to help her continue her education and create a better life for her family.

Q: Why did you choose the Medical Assistant Program?

A: I am currently working towards becoming a registered nurse. I wanted to gain some more skills prior to nursing school and be able to work in the medical field while becoming a nurse. I knew that being a medical assistant I was going to get more skills and experience so by the time I graduate from a nursing program it will be easier for me. I also enjoy helping people so I wanted to get started in a field where I could do that kind of work while I continue my education.

I am set to graduate and become a Registered Nurse in 2022 and I want to work in labor and delivery because I am enjoying the job I have right now and helping women.

Q: What was your experience like as a student at FCC?

A: My favorite instructor was Mr. D because he was very detailed and patient. Whenever a student had trouble understanding a lesson or grasping a concept, Mr. D would stop whatever he was doing and we’d go through it again.

I was working nights and going to school in the morning. I pushed through the program for my daughter because I used to work 5 p.m. to midnight as a supervisor at Wendy’s. I didn’t like those hours for my family. As a single mom, it’s important to me to spend as much time with my daughter as possible.

Q: Tell me about where you work and what you do there.

A: Right now, I work at an OBGYN specialist office. We do physical exams for all women and we also see pregnant women from the first week of pregnancy up until 40 weeks. We help these women through their pregnancy. I take vitals and renew prescriptions for pregnant women under physician orders. I also help the doctors with the procedures for nonpregnant women.

Q: Since you graduated from FCC, how has your life changed?

A: A big change for me was a salary change at work. I was able to move into a bigger apartment and the way I am living changed. I am more comfortable now because the pay is better and my work day hours allow me to spend time with my daughter. It’s just a more comfortable lifestyle for us both.

Q: What advice would you have for current students at FCC?

A: When I first went to take my certification test to become a medical assistant, I got 69 points. You need 70 to pass. I was crying in my car and almost gave up. Then I ordered more books, studied harder and the second time I went, I passed. It is not easy, especially if you are working while going to school or if you have kids. It’s not easy but just be strong. Think about how much better your life will be when you are done. When I was in school, sometimes I just wanted to quit. But, when I would think about the future and graduation and all of the positive change that would come of it I knew it was better to stay and keep moving forward. Be strong, study hard, and you will not regret it. It is OK to fail, but it is not OK to quit.