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Skills to Highlight on Your Resume for Tech Support Careers

There are hundreds of thousands who are employed nationwide as Computer Support Specialists and over 4.2 million employed overall in the computer and mathematical occupations. Florida Career College’s Computer and Network Technician training program can help prepare you for a career in this exciting field.

When you get ready to start your career as a Computer Support Specialist, Electrical Technician, or Electronics Technician, there are some key skills that you should highlight on your resume. These skills will help employers understand not only how you meet the job requirements, but also how you will benefit the company as a whole. By including these skills on your resume, you will stand a better chance at securing an entry-level job in computer networking and support.


Through Florida Career College’s Computer and Network Technician program, students can learn how to troubleshoot computer systems and networks. When you apply for an entry-level position in this field, you will want to highlight some of the courses you’ve taken with us, including: A+ Software and Hardware, UNIX/LINUX, and Administering Network and Exchange Servers. You may also consider mentioning specific projects or assignments you had in these classes to further showcase your skills in these areas.


Work in systems administration and computer networking will require a great deal of problem solving. Therefore, your resume is the perfect place to highlight your critical thinking, deductive and inductive reasoning, and time management skills. Future employers will want to know that you can work through problems as they come up and that you can manage your time effectively. Whenever possible, provide real-world examples of problems you’ve faced and how you utilized your critical thinking and time management skills to successfully solve them. In addition, you may also face competing or shifting priorities in the future. If you can also provide examples of your ability to multitask or manage changing timelines, this will only strengthen your resume.


Electrical Technicians and other computer support employees must be able to effectively communicate information to technical and non-technical personnel. Highlight your communication skills on your resume, especially if you have any experience explaining difficult concepts to a wide variety of audiences. If possible, provide specific projects (work or education-related) where you had to utilize communication skills to help the project succeed. In addition, communication skills can also include your ability to lead a project or team. If applicable, provide evidence of your leadership skills and your ability to present information and ideas to diverse audiences.


No matter how many employees a company has, Computer and Network Technicians inevitably work as part of a team. It is imperative to showcase that you can work well with others and have effective teamwork skills. Highlight relevant projects or past experiences where you’ve worked well as part of a team.

Florida Career College’s Computer and Network Technician program can help you put your best foot forward in the exciting world of computer and mathematical occupations. By highlighting some of the key skills you already have, and the skills you learn through our program, you can help your resume stand out to potential employers.

* Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Florida Career College does not promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.