Have you ever thought about jumping into the world of healthcare? If so, you are like many others. If you have a desire to help people and you want to make a difference in someone’s life, this may be a great career choice for you.

The healthcare field continues to grow, expand, and improve over the years and with new technology entering the field every day, there is a need for more individuals to join the healthcare sector.

As the baby boomers continue to age, the need for medical assistant technicianspharmacy technicians, and medical front office and billing are needed.

There are many different career opportunities within the healthcare field, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first as you start to look at your options. Below, we will talk about three popular healthcare choices and provide you with a better understanding of each role and what the program entails.


Medical assistants are vital to the medical field. As a medical assistant technician, you can work in a hospital, physician’s office, healthcare facility, or outpatient clinic; however, most medical assistants find themselves employed in a doctor’s office.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the baby-boomer population has a continued need for preventative medical services, you can expect opportunities for medical assistant technicians to grow for some time.

Working as a medical assistant technician is exciting and provides you with a chance to be hands-on in the medical field as well. In your role as an MA, you will perform clinical tasks such as taking patients’ vital signs and administering vaccines. You will also perform administrative duties to include filing medical records, answering phone calls, and checking patients in when they arrive in the office.


Just as a medical assistant technician is the backbone to the healthcare industry, the pharmacy technician is the backbone to the pharmacy itself. As a pharmacy technician, you will find that your work environment is diverse and you can find employment in hospitals, local grocery stores, and general merchandise stores.

With an increase in demand for prescription medications due to increased rates of chronic diseases, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth in demand for pharmaceutical services.

As a pharmacy technician, you will work closely with the pharmacist to ensure that all medications are properly filled and dispensed to the customers. You will also interact with customers and assist them in receiving their medications.


Medical front office and billing staff are responsible for the daily functions of the front office in a medical facility. The skills needed to enter this field include great customer service, ability to multi-task, and organization.

As part of the medical front office and billing staff, you will be greeting patients as they walk into the office and assisting with setting up, canceling, and confirming appointments for new and current patients.


Florida Career College offers you the opportunity to train to enter the healthcare field. Now is a great time to get on board as the healthcare needs of many continue to rise.

Whether you want to become a medical assistant technician, pharmacy technician, and work as part of the medical front office and billing team, we are here to assist you in making that happen.