Study the Tough Stuff First!

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    March 01, 2017

    Students in accelerated programs like those offered by Florida Career Colleges and schools have to be very careful with their time. One of the toughest tasks they face is scheduling time to prepare for each midterm or final exam.

    Jamie Althshule and Eric Althshule run Academic Success, Inc., a Los Angeles company that provides in-home study coaches to support parents and students. The Altshules publish free newsletters loaded with useful study tips. While their company focuses on elementary, middle, and high school students, their study recommendations are useful on the college level as well.

    When it comes to prepping for final exams, the Altshules strongly recommend reviewing the more difficult subjects first. Resist the temptation to reach for the academic equivalent of comfort food by studying the subject you like best!

    Instead, begin by reviewing and outlining your notes from the class you find most difficult first and work your way down to the easiest. Put your notes into broad categories, and under each category, summarize each item and rewrite, if necessary. Spend 30 minutes on this exercise for each class.

    Stick with the 30-minute routine for each review—use a timer if you have to! Take a short break after each hour. And don't schedule too many sessions in one sitting.

    You'll benefit from knowing that you`ve closely reviewed your notes and have a blueprint for upcoming study sessions. Then, continue with 30-minute “power-packed” reviews up to exam day.



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