If you have found yourself getting ready to read this blog, it is likely because you have just landed your first office job. First, congratulations – getting hired can be a feat sometimes and you have done it. Second, we want you to know that we understand how you feel right now. You may be overwhelmed, and you may have tons of questions on your mind.

As you approach your start date, you may become more nervous as you do not know what to expect. Fortunately, we have your back in this. Below, we will give you some must have survival tips for your first office job.

Remember, take a deep breath and just relax – you will do great!


You are the newbie and that is understood. One of the biggest mistakes that newbies make is being too shy or not asking enough questions. You never want to be afraid to ask questions. After all, that is how we learn, right?

Always inquire with your employer about anything on your mind. For example, consider asking your employer what the dress code is, how you clock in, and what you should do at the beginning and end of your shift.

Your employer is used to questions like this and they actually expect you to ask, so, don’t be afraid and just ask away.


Once you know where you will be working and you have an idea of who everyone is, it is time to start building your relationships with everyone. You never know when you may need a hand or two, so offer your hand to those around you and watch as you quickly and effortlessly form relationships with your coworkers.


There is nothing quite like finding yourself in an office setting and unsure of what you are supposed to be doing. It is vital to your success that you know what YOUR role within the company is.

This means you will need to know what your job duties are, what you are supposed to do each and every day, and who you are to report to. It is wise to learn your role as quickly as possible to help make your transition easy.


There is always a decision maker in the office. In fact, there may be multiple decision makers in your office. It is important that you learn who makes the decisions, what decisions they make, and how they make the decisions.

You may be wondering why this is even important and the reason is – decisions in your favor will help you and your client. For example, if you are in need of funding for a project you are working on, you want to present yourself to the decision maker and tell them why you need the funding.


Working in an office setting means that everyone likely knows each other, especially in a small office. As much as you can, take time to introduce yourself to everyone and find out what everyone expects from you.

You want to make a good impression too, which means being professional, showing up on time, completing your projects, and being the best you can be.

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