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Tampa Campus Graduate Helps During Covid-19

With the changes made in today’s society due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), healthcare workers are finding out just how mentally strong they really are. One thing that is for sure, is that it takes dedication, empathy, and compassion to really succeed and make a difference in the healthcare field. All workers in healthcare can agree that hard work is very rewarding and pays off in the end.

At Florida Career College, we offer a Medical Assistant Technician program that can get you on the path to working with doctors, nurses, and patients. Along with working alongside doctors, nurses, and patients, this short-term program can be completed in as few as ten months. Topics such as front office procedures, pharmacology and drug administration, and electrocardiograms are covered. The Medical Assistant Program is thorough and includes a 180-hour externship where you can put your new skills and knowledge to work in a local health care office. Graduates have awesome and rewarding career options such as, medical assistant, chiropractic assistant, optometrist technician, optometrist assistant, and many more. There’s a variety being offered to our students with many options to choose from.  How awesome is that? Who knows, maybe this is a career you have been looking for your entire life?

One of our graduates from the Tampa campus shares her story of being in the field and working with patients during the pandemic. Her name is Tonya and she has a compelling story behind her experience.

“I’ve been working since Covid-19 hit our media. I put on the entire Covid-19 PPE daily, and stand beside head anesthesiologists to assist in the incubation of airways and difficult airways. It’s scary and trying at times. Walking in every day and knowing you have to be put in the line of fire for 8 hours straight, not knowing your faith, but you realize it is being tested during this time.  I honor my position but it definitely burdens my mind. It’s not easy at all working in the middle of a national pandemic and has taken a toll on my personal life, which has been on halt. Since I am working on the frontlines, I can’t go around my immediate family and it hurts mentally not having their support around during trying times.  I have lost count of the times I’ve ran down to the chapel in our facility. The Chapel has been a blessing, as I would be lost without it right now. While the world is turning, and as time continues to pass by, please don’t forget that healthcare workers still need an ear to listen and a smile for comfort.”

At Florida Career College, we understand that it is necessary to provide support for both students and graduates. We pride ourselves on our dedication to their needs and want to see our students succeed academically and professionally. As a result, graduates are now on the frontline during this crisis making a difference. We are so proud of our students and graduates for their success and dedication to helping others.