Did you know medical assisting was an informal career until the mid-20th century? In the first half of the twentieth century, doctors would hire assistants and would train them on the job. Everything changed during the 1960s and 1970s, the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) focused on further professionalizing the medical assistant career. They established medical assistant training and certification programs and worked with the American Medical Association to develop curriculum standards. Most physicians consider medical assistants critical partners that can increase the overall productivity of their offices.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, consider enrolling in FCC’s Medical Assisting Program. The program can be completed, and you can earn your diploma in as little as 10 months.

Medical Assistants Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a medical assistant technician vary and are subject to change depending upon the needs and requirements of the employer.

Duties of a Medical Assistant:

  • Takes the patient’s health history and measures their vital signs.
  • Helps the physician or nurse with routine patient examinations.
  • Gives patient injections as directed by a doctor.
  • Prepares patient’s blood for laboratory results.

Medical assistant technicians have significant value in the industry due to their ability to provide a variety of competent services to assist in the efficient workflow and patient management for their employers. This job role has significant value for someone looking to get into the healthcare field.

Promising Job Opportunities

According to the BLS, the need for medical assistants in the healthcare sector is projected to experience a rapid increase, with the projected percentage being around 29%. This is higher than the industry average for other professions and careers, and thus depicts the high value of this career in the healthcare sector.

For an individual looking for a new career, choosing to become a medical assistant can prove to be a stepping ladder into the healthcare industry. The rising demand for this position projects promising job opportunities for anyone looking to become a trained medical assistant. In order to become a medical assistant you will need post-secondary education or a certificate. This career is best suited for those who love helping people and working in high-energy environments such as a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office.

If you’re looking to explore your true potential and satisfy your passion for caring for others then a career as a medical assistant technician might be the perfect fit for you.The author Ralph Waldo Emerson was correct when he said that, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that you cannot sincerely try to help another without helping yourself.”

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