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Thriving in Your Career as a Dental Assistant

Thriving in Your Career as a Dental Assistant - Florida Career College

We often write articles for this blog that are designed to encourage new students or those who are exploring potential future careers to explain the value of studying in a particular field. With this post, we are going to take a look at what comes next for a new career college graduate, equipped with their experience and education to begin their career as a dental assistant. How does that person go on to thrive and continue to grow as a professional?


Dental assistants care about helping others. A significant part of their job is to calm patients, encouraging them to relax, to overcome their fears, and to make regular return visits to the office for their ongoing dental health. Working in an environment where they are able to regularly help patients—and dentists—allows the dental assistant to feel valued and that they are significantly contributing to the office.


Hand-in-hand with helping others is the skill of being a people person. A career as a dental assistant is a satisfying way to exercise their interpersonal skills while contributing to a friendly office environment. Dental assistants interact with patients, dentists, specialists, and hygienists every day, spending quality time with each.


Because dental assistants have a wide-ranging list of responsibilities in the office, they will never experience a dull moment. From helping the dentist with routine procedures to educating and comforting patients or ensuring that the office is run smoothly, the dental assistant has many chances to shine each day.


The dental assistant is critical to the running of a dental office, and so these dynamic professionals are always in demand. This career path is expected to grow by 19% through the year 2026— that is almost 65,000 new job openings in the U.S.! That anticipated growth is much higher than the average for other careers. Knowing that the field is secure is a relief for many job-seekers. The continued growth is also encouraging for those who are interested in expanding their role in the dental office.


Dental assistants are always learning. Whether it is staying current with the latest advances in the field, new technology or the introduction of new procedures, dental assistants will always remain engaged with their jobs. Dental assisting may also be an ideal stepping stone for those who would later like to pursue a career as a dental hygienist, dental office manager, or to hold another specialized position within the practice.


As mentioned above, there is real value in the communications and customer service skills that the dental assistant brings to the dental office. Making patients happy is great for the functioning of the office, but their smiles and compliments when they feel that their day has been improved are truly valuable to the dental assistant, too. A positive attitude is reflected back at the person who exercises it, making for a happier encounter with everyone in the office. Those who are positive and encouraging in the practice, will also take that attitude home with them and it will infect other areas of their lives.


If the above sounds like what you would like to do when you finish your career training, check out the Dental Assistant Training Program at Florida Career College! Our hands-on curriculum, experienced instructors, specialized areas of study, and externship program will prepare you for a career as a Dental Assistant with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a difference in the lives of patients every day, and the satisfaction of a successful, flourishing career.

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