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Tips for Eating Healthy While Going to School

When you’re in school regardless of your age, you’re sure to skimp on your diet. Whether it’s because of lack of time to prepare better meals or you’re just too busy that you skip meals. The fact is that regardless of why you’re not eating healthy, your body needs adequate nutrition in order to maintain a healthy immune system and to keep stress at bay. If you’re only surviving on caffeine and junk food eventually your immune system will weaken, and you’ll damage your health. Healthy eating is not about dieting or food restrictions, but it’s about eating the right amount of nutrients for sustaining energy and focus throughout your day. If you’re looking to eat healthy while going to school, Florida Career College has outline several tips you can follow:


Pre-Plan Your Meals

If you have school or work in the morning, prep your lunch the night before. This cuts down on your stress of having to make your lunch in the morning when you’re already in a rush to hurry off to your class or job. For a quick breakfast meal, make a Greek-yogurt and fruit smoothie and drink it while you’re driving or waiting for the bus. If you’re looking for healthy, and inexpensive meal options check out these lunch ideas from WebMd.

Use Healthy Ingredients

When it comes to making lunches, a lot of people tend to go for junk food or food options that are not the healthiest for them. A peanut butter sandwich is not exactly the healthiest option, but you can easily swap the peanut butter filling for a turkey slice or an egg salad. You can also slice up some lettuce, and tomatoes to balance out your sandwich with some veggies. Your new and improved sandwich will not only be healthier but also more filling. If you want to feel energized and focus in class or at work eat lunches that are high in protein.

Pick Healthy Meal Options

If you absolutely have no time to make your lunch, make sure your buying healthy food options instead of just pizza and hamburgers. Remember to look for options that provide an adequate balance of protein, veggies and whole grains. If you’re going to eat a couple of slices of  pizza, order it with veggies, or get a small side-salad. If you’re going to eat burgers and fries, substitute the fries for a salad. Instead of eating cookies or candy, buy a piece of fruit. It’s not hard to eat healthy, but it requires your commitment and openness to try new food options.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout your classes. Don’t drink soft drinks or sodas since they’re not very hydrating. They might quench your thirst but 10- 15 minutes later; you might find yourself thirsty again. When you’re feeling thirsty, you might not realize it but your body slows down and you may feel groggy or tired. Luckily, the solution is simple: Drink more water, or milk, or natural juices. Healthy eating is all about dedication and planning, and you should think about this process as something that requires your daily commitment, if you approach the changes gradually, you’ll be eating healthy before you know it.

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