If you have always wanted to be in a hands-on career, becoming an HVAC technician may be the right choice for you. Some of the skills you need include the ability to problem solve, multitask, and offer good customer service. If that sounds like you, then you will enjoy hearing that HVAC technicians are paid decent wages.

The need for HVAC technicians continues to grow, especially as the heat outside starts to ramp up and the cold starts to set in. This growth is expected to continue well into the future.

If you find yourself considering this career path, then you may be wondering just what it takes for you to get hired and what employers are looking for. The team at Florida Career College wants to see you succeed and below, you will find some of the skills that employers look for as they hire their next HVAC technician.

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Working as an HVAC technician means you will be busy, and this means that you must have good time management skills to make it in the industry. It would be rare to hear that an HVAC technician has only one appointment in a day. In fact, you can expect to jump from appointment to appointment throughout the day.

Employers want to hire someone who can finish one job quickly yet efficiently and then move on to the next one.


You will be working one-on-one with customers throughout the day and you will likely be inside of the customer’s home or their place of business. It is vital that you know how to professionally talk to customers and explain the issues with their HVAC system to them.

Employers want their technicians to have superior customer service skills because more happy customers lead to more referrals and more business. 


Working as an HVAC technician can be tough. Employers want techs to have a good eye for detail. Sometimes, when a customer has a failing HVAC system, it may be a simple wire out of place or other small issue. You need to be able to identify these small issues and correct them as needed.

In addition, HVAC technicians need to properly write down notes about the system and document the repairs that were performed. Improper or lackluster notes can mean the company loses money – something you do not want to be responsible for.


While paying attention to detail is vital, being able to problem solve is even more important. As an HVAC technician, you are out in the field alone and you must be able to diagnose issues with HVAC systems and think on your feet.

Employers are always looking for employees who can do this because it saves the company time, money, and customers. 


Becoming an HVAC technician does not take a lot of time and most employers like to see that the employee has completed an HVAC training program, such as the one offered at Florida Career College. If you have the skills listed above, chances are, an employer is looking for you RIGHT NOW.

Our HVAC training program will help students develop the skills needed to enter the HVAC field as an entry-level technician.

Today is the day to take the next step towards your HVAC career.