Trends in Dental Assistant Profession

Trends in Dental Assistant Profession - Florida Career College

Do you wish to become a dental assistant? Do you wish to enroll in a dental assistant program where you are trained competently for the future? With the dental assistant profession ripe with opportunities, now is the right time to make your mark in the healthcare sector.

Employment Trends

According to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for dental services will keep growing, due to the large population of baby boomers. Health care providers have successfully breathed life into their visions of increasing the average lifespan of people. This growing trend will demand the healthcare sector to increase jobs to meet the demands of the public.  For one the dental industry will be looking to employ professionals with a dental assistant diploma or degree.  

Dental Assistant Responsibilities

If you are unfamiliar with a dental assistant’s professional responsibilities, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers a great overview of dental assisting, such as the job outlook for dental assistants (excellent), and what kind of tasks dental assistants perform (clinical and/or administrative).

Overall, dental assistants play an important role in dental offices by providing clinical and administrative services to help support the dentist. According to the BLS, potential dental assistant tasks include:

Clinical Tasks

  • Sterilize and prepare patient trays
  • Hand instruments to the dentist
  • Take and process dental x-rays
  • Instruct patients on oral care and hygiene
  • Prepare materials for impressions and restorations

Administrative Tasks

  • Order supplies and monitor inventory
  • Record treatment information
  • Collect and record patient medical and dental histories
  • Schedule appointments
  • Bill patients and collect and record payments

High Employment Odds

According to a report released by Simply Hired, in the last six years, employment opportunities for dental assistants have radically increased by a whopping 16 percent. This impressive figure is only going to improve in the near future. According to an estimate, 4,410 new jobs will be created in the field in the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics further points out that a dental assistant acts as a dentist’s “second pair of hands.” As a result, “Dentists look for people who are reliable, work well with others, and have good manual dexterity.”

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