West Palm Beach Grad Showed Perseverance through Pandemic and Other Challenges

West Palm Beach Grad Perseveres Through Pandemic and Other Challenges

Like many Americans during the past year’s COVID-19 crisis, Tomisha Flint found herself out of work after being furloughed. She didn’t waste much time in taking the next step in her professional life and sought out Florida Career College’s Business Office Administration (BOA) program.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business and tried to go to school in the past,” Tomisha said. “I really liked how hands-on this program was, so I decided to enroll.”

During the program that can be completed is as few as 10 months, Tomisha learned a variety of important skills and topics including Business Operations, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service. About midway through the program, Tomisha, her boyfriend, and her grandmother were in a terrible car accident. Her boyfriend’s car was totaled and she no longer had transportation to get to school.

“We didn’t have a car, I was in pain from my injuries and I was having trouble using my right arm.” Tomisha said. “It was the biggest challenge I faced during my time at FCC and I wanted to give up.”

Her boyfriend pushed her to the finish line. He reminded her of how far she’d come in the program, her good grades and that despite the challenge, she was still capable of getting to graduation.

“Despite not having a car and the pain, I still showed up every day,” Tomisha said. “Some of my classmates told me I was crazy for still coming to school after the accident. I’m glad I didn’t listen, because if I did, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

After finishing externship hours at a local tax preparation company to complete her program, she was offered a full-time position there. With the support of the staff at the FCC West Palm Beach, her support system at home and her “you gotta do what you gotta do” attitude, Tomisha has jump started a new career and a new job amidst a global pandemic.

“I would to thank my teacher, Ms. Paulette for everything that she has taught me throughout my time with her. I learned a lot from her. I would also like to thank Career Services for getting everything ready for me before I went on my site,” Tomisha said.

“This outstanding student had the willpower to continue her career path through one of the roughest periods of her life. I am so grateful to have been her instructor throughout her Business Office Administration program,” said FCC Instructor Paulette Peart. “It takes a lot of courage to push through hard times, but I appreciate Ms. Flint for her never giving up on the process of finishing her dream.”

Tomisha’s words of advice for future students are to never give up, no matter what life throws at you. “Always remember your purpose and why you started,” she said.

“From all of us at FCC West Palm Beach, congratulations to Tomisha! Her perseverance and dedication to finishing the BOA program will provide a solid foundation for her as she builds a new career. We are very proud of her and have confidence that she will do well,” said Gregg Crowe, Executive Director.