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What Do the NEW 10-Year Employment Projections Mean for You?

If you’ve researched information about employment statistics or careers lately, you’ve probably seen references to the ‘BLS’ and ‘2008-2018.’ Let me tell you why.

Every other year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) updates its employment projections, or what they think the job market is going to look like over the next 10 years. Before 2008-2018, it was 2006-2016. Before that, it was 2004-2014. You get the picture, right?

Well, it’s been two years again, and the BLS had just released its 2010-2020 employment projections!

This means there is now all kinds of new information about where the jobs will be over the next ten years, including which industries are expected to add jobs and which industries are going to be losing jobs. There is even information on which level of education is needed for certain jobs, and which level of education will see the most job growth.

So what does this mean for you as a student or someone who is considering going back to school?

If you are already a student, you might find it interesting to know which career fields are expected to be hiring over the next 10 years. This way, you can ask yourself if the field you are studying or the career you are working towards is performing the way you would like it to and if there is opportunity there.

The same is true if you aren’t a student. Maybe you are in a career field that you feel is going nowhere and wish you had better job opportunities. Maybe you have been thinking about switching careers and want to know where the jobs are and if it matches up with your interests. Maybe you have been unemployed and you just want a job that pays and has performed well in a tough economy.

No matter what your situation is, you might be interested in what these new BLS projections have to say.

If you are not convinced, how about checking out a few highlights that I found during my reading of a recent BLS release?

  •  “The health care and social assistance sector is projected to gain the most jobs (5.6 million), followed by professional and business services (3.8 million).”
  • “One-third of the projected fastest growing occupations are related to health care, reflecting expected increases in demand as the population ages and the health care and social assistance industry grows.”
  • “Occupations that typically need some type of postsecondary education for entry are projected to grow the fastest during the 2010-20 decade.”

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