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    What Is Graphic Design?

    You've probably seen a lot of references to "graphic design" as you research schools and and look at help wanted ads.

    But what exactly is graphic design?

    The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) says graphic design is a creative process that uses images to communicate ideas. A writer can develop an article or advertisement he or she hopes will be read by a certain type of audience (such as someone who wants to learn about graphic design!).

    But there's nothing like a cool graphic to grab someone's attention.

    Graphic designers use different types of art, including drawing, painting, photography and computer-generated pictures to reach an audience. If they need to use printed words, they carefully choose fonts (typefaces) that "match" the images they are using. Even the amount of blank or white space can affect how a message is read.

    Why do companies hire graphic designers? AIGA says that the people who create the messages are too close to them to understand different ways to present it. A good graphic designer will know how to present the ideas so that they will grab your attention.

    For example, if it's a hot day and you are thirsty, you will be on the lookout for Coke or Pepsi logos. You might not even realize it until you find yourself heading toward the cooler. These brands have distinctive logos you've seen all your life. They are probably more appealing to you than a sign that reads Come Here For A Refreshing Drink! You don't know if there's anything good over there, but you know that a Coke or Pepsi will be cold and taste good on a hot day. (And if you are of a certain age, you know it's The Real Thing.)

    This is the work of graphic designers. In addition to logos, they create the images used in ads that sell everything from cars to clothes to schools of all types. They also create packages that hold the message, such as brochures, envelopes, folders, and other items that hold information to be read later. Packaging is very important; the idea is to persuade people to open them and see what's inside.


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