Healthcare is one of the largest growing fields today for many reasons including the aging Boomer population and the increase in people putting greater care into their personal health.  This means more employment at hospitals, medical offices, and other care centers are now available. Those who are currently considering joining the medical field—or who are presently studying for it—will find much to appreciate in the specialization.

In addition to the above benefits, below are six more reasons that healthcare is a great field to get into.

Job Growth/Demand

To expand on the above, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare jobs will continue to grow through 2026, and eight of the top 20 fastest-growing professions are in the sector. As a result, there will be more career opportunities for healthcare job seekers.

Job Satisfaction

In general, health care workers are satisfied with their jobs. Practitioners can both help others and earn a comfortable living. Many find it to be rewarding work to help save lives, assist patients and their families through difficult times, and to help people feel and get better—whether they are on the frontline as doctors, or ensuring that a practice, procedure or facility runs smoothly.

The Opportunity to Help People

Key to job satisfaction—as outlined above—is the chance these careers present to professionals to help people every day. Compassionate and empathetic people will find that healthcare is a win-win career path; not only do they get to satisfy their desire to care for others, but they can also make a good living while doing so. This leads to the famed and elusive positive work-life balance.


The same circumstances that are causing the healthcare field to boom are also the reasons that job stability in the field may be so high. Health care advances like the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, and the greater need for elder care, are increasing demand for healthcare workers. The need for human interaction in the industry remains high, even with the introduction of artificial intelligence and computerized medical records. The same demand that has led to today’s dynamic job growth will also help ensure that those positions are always needed.

Jobs for All Educational Levels

The healthcare field isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are careers in healthcare open to people at any education level—you don’t need to be a nurse or doctor to be a success. For instance, health services administration, medical assisting and medical front office and billing positions can be entered into with as few as 10 months of training at a vocational school. Of course, much more need a bachelor’s degree or advanced education. And, in such a vast field, there is plenty of room to grow for those who find they’d like to specialize or grow their careers.

Good Pay & Benefits

It goes without saying that in an industry in high demand, careers in healthcare are quite profitable for qualified professionals, offering good pay and benefits. Every level of medical career will find its level of competitive salaries when compared to other industries.

Start a Career in Healthcare Today!

With all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why healthcare is an exciting and growing field. If you think that you’d like to get into healthcare, consider looking at Florida Career College wherein as few as 10 months you can get started on your own exciting and opportunity-filled health career.