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At Florida Career College, we have worked to help our students become the most knowledgeable, experienced, and effective graduates in their specific area of study. When you employ a Florida Career College graduate, you can be sure that they have the information and hands-on training to be a valuable member of your team.

When you partner with Florida Career College, you will have access to skilled graduates who are qualified to fill entry-level positions in a variety of fields. From dental assistants to medical assistant technicians, we’ve worked closely with our graduates to ensure they’re well-versed in the specific skills employers are looking for. Our graduates are more than just qualified- they’re hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals who are excited to launch their career.


  • Qualified Graduates
  • Extern-to-Hire Program
  • Interviews Readily Available
  • Ongoing Partnership & Assistance
  • Provide Insight and Expertise
  • Special Events

Why Employers Partner With Florida Career College

Qualified Graduates

With months of career training in our hands-on labs, Florida Career College graduates have proven commitment and devotion to their future careers.

Extern–to–Hire Program

This program allows you the option to spend time with our senior students while they extern at your business. This unique opportunity allows you to guide your potential future employee to understand the goals and objectives of your business.

Readily Available Interviews

We make the interviewing process easy for you! We will coordinate and facilitate any potential candidate interview appointments, wherever is most convenient for you. Whether it is at your site location or at our campus, we can accommodate and we will handle the details.

Ongoing Partnership & Assistance

We provide constant support to you and the grad you hire. Specifically, for our grads, the school will provide any additional training, refresher courses and/or coaching sessions if necessary.

Special Events

As a valuable employer partner, you will be provided with the opportunity to participate in our Career Fairs and other campus events.

Share your Expertise

Another opportunity available to our employer partners is to be a member of an Advisory Board. As a member, you will contribute to the design and content of our curriculum so that our student training aligns with the needs of your business and other businesses like yours. It’s a great way to get involved with your community and contribute to the futures of our hard–working students!

“Florida Career College and their highly trained staff of Career Services professionals have mastered the art networking and have helped those graduates from Florida Career College Hialeah forge profitable and long-lasting connections with Season Hospice and their employees and I know this is a trend which will only continue to grow.”

Maria Aurelia Cazulo
Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

Employer Resources - Florida Career College

Our Students are Trained
in the Following Programs

auto yellow icon

Automotive Technician

This well-balanced, comprehensive trade school program combines the theoretical aspects of automotive diagnostics with direct, hands-on practical training in repair procedures. Some of the topics we focus on in our Automotive Technician program are Engine Theory and Systems, Manual Transmissions, and Brake Systems.

boa yellow icon

Business Office Administration

This program will teach you basic office administration skills to prepare you for entry-level positions. You'll learn key software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher) and QuickBooks, and study basics of marketing, human resources, customer service, communication, organization, and accounting

cnt yellow icon

Computer and Network Technician

Designed to prepare students with a variety of skills including troubleshooting and analyzing, this program will give you everything you need to enter the computer and network technology job market prepared. In this program, you’ll learn everything from Networking Essentials to Computer Support and Maintenance.

dental assistant yellow icon

Dental Assistant

Our Dental Assistant program teaches you clinical, radiographic, and preventive dentistry procedures. You'll learn in the classroom and lab, plus get 170 hours of on-the-job externship training to prepare you for entry-level dental assistant positions in dental offices, supply manufacturers, hospitals, or insurance companies.

hsa yellow icon

Health Services Administration

The Health Services Administration program will prepare you for entry-level administrative positions in a variety of health care and wellness facilities. You'll learn health care industry laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and regulatory agencies. You'll also be taught office skills such as communication and customer relations.

hvac yellow icon

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our HVAC program is designed to be completed within eleven months and focuses on hands-on training. Some of the topics we focus on in our HVAC trade school program are Air Conditioning, Troubleshooting, and Green Awareness, Specialized Commercial Equipment, and Heating Systems.

it yellow icon

Information Technology

The Information Technology associate program will teach you to define, analyze, and discover technology solutions in preparation for entry-level roles in technical settings. Designed to allow specialization in Computer Security and Networking, Computer Science, Information Technology Management, and Healthcare Information Technology Management.

mat yellow icon

Medical Assistant Technician

If you’ve always imagined yourself caring for others in a fast-paced, constantly changing atmosphere, enrolling in the Medical Assistant Technician program at FCC may be a great next step in your career. In this career program, you’ll learn Medical Front Office Procedures in Medical Office and Clinical Back Office Procedures.

mfob yellow icon

Medical Front Office and Billing

Our Medical Front Office and Billing program provides students with a solid professional foundation in the medical front office that enables them to become vital members of the health care team. Some of the topics we focus on in this vocational program are Diagnostic Coding, Outpatient Coding, and Coding Systems.

Patient Care Technician

In our Patient Care Technician program, you will learn skills to prepare you for entry-level work in health care, such as patient assistance, geriatric care, and nursing assistance. You'll also complete an 80-hour externship to gain hands-on training in the field, and qualified graduates may take the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) state certification exam.

Pharm Tech icon

Pharmacy Technician

Learn pharmacy fundamentals and terminology and get hands-on practice in preparation for entry-level pharmacy technician positions in settings such as hospitals, retail, compounding, mail-order, and long-term care. Subjects covered also include state and federal law and ethical issues.

Partnership Opportunities

With the continuously shifting economy, it is essential to find the right employee with the proper skills. Our Career Services team at Florida Career College helps employers connect with qualified candidates to become a valuable team member. Interested in learning more? Click on the link below to fill out the form and a career services specialist will get in touch with you.

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