Open Letter Supporting Florida Career College

Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, U.S. Secretary of Education
And Members of the United States Congress

We the undersigned represent a small sample of elected officials and community leaders across Florida and Texas who are concerned about the Department of Education’s extreme actions taken to penalize Florida Career College. Denying students financial aid will hurt future FCC students and will have lasting repercussions for working families and other members of our communities, including the business owners who hire qualified workers trained at FCC.

Collectively, these businesses employ hundreds of FCC graduates including HVAC Technicians, Automotive Technicians, Medical Assistant Technicians, Dental Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Patient Care Technicians, and more. These are all roles that we are in dire need of in our communities. These are hands-on careers that provide patient care and maintain crucial infrastructure. Further, these are the types of jobs that can provide someone with a path out of poverty and into the middle class. Often overlooked, these are the jobs that keep America running.

The role FCC graduates play in these communities cannot be overstated.

We encourage the Department of Education to find a middle ground with FCC and keep its campuses open. By effectively shutting down FCC, low-income students who depend on financial aid, will lose the opportunity to afford school and higher education. Most importantly, the Department will deprive communities in our states of the trained workers we desperately need.

We appreciate your attention to this important matter.

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