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About Florida Career College - Houston Southwest Campus

At Florida Career College, we are excited that you’re considering attending our vocational school training programs at our Houston-Southwest Campus. If you choose to enroll in one of our awesome career training programs, you will find that our faculty and instructors support and assist students throughout their education.

At Florida Career College Houston-Southwest, you have a lot to look forward to. Our staff and faculty members provide every student with a personalized approach to education. In addition, your instructors will encourage you throughout your education to help you complete the career training program of your choice.

We do not take a generalized approach to teaching students; instead, we offer an individualized approach unique to each student. We understand that each student learns differently, so although our courses are challenging, your instructors will help you through your educational journey.

Additionally, our instructors will provide you with hands-on training and real-life simulations to ensure that you have real-world experience upon completion of and graduation from your career training program.

If you choose to enroll at our Houston-Southwest Vocational School, you will have the following teams on your side, supporting you throughout your educational journey:


  • Admissions Team: The admissions team is available to meet with students on a one-to-one basis to discuss student goals and enrollment into a program. Meeting with the admissions team provides students with an excellent opportunity to meet instructors and explore the campus.
  • Career Services Team: We also have a career services team designed to help students build their resumes, interview, and explore additional opportunities to further their education and career goals.

Information About Florida Career College - Houston Southwest

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